Startup Showcase: vPARK – A Virtual Country Filled with vHumans

Create Your vHuman, Build Your Community, and Explore a New World of Knowledge.

What if you could learn about life in a parallel universe, where an independent copy of you exists and lives with its own biological body, mind, and activities? vPARK, a Mountain View-based startup, has created an intelligent simulation of ourselves called vHuman that lives in a virtual country, a replica of Earth, where users can learn about life and even financially benefit from the economy it creates.

Creating Your vHuman

vPARK creates a virtual world where users can create their own vHuman, a virtual copy of themselves. Once you enter vPARK, you are given one chance to live, creating a uniqueness of life. Your vHuman is capable of good and evil and will learn to make choices based on your teaching. Its action affects others in this universe, but no one in real life.

The vHuman has its own virtual biology, requiring it to travel to get food, drink, sleep, and work. However, you must first possess and teach it where to get them. As the vHuman develops, it will learn about life and gain wisdom from the choices you make. You can also financially benefit from the economy your vHuman creates.

Building Your Community

As the virtual world gets more dangerous, you can migrate your vHuman to a safer location and build houses and farms. As you build your own community, you can work together to stay alive, thus creating jobs among vHumans. vPARK World is split into 3 Trillion tradable land squares with a zoning system. It comes with powerful proprietary technology and subscription-based real estate templates that serve the vHumans to enjoy virtual life. Technology is constantly being developed in partnership with business leaders to ensure this world can benefit various industries.

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The Power of vPARK

The potential of vPARK is immense, and it has the ability to revolutionize the way we learn and grow as individuals. Through this virtual world, we can expedite our learning about life based on the active choices we make toward our vHuman. It is a unique way to gain knowledge, experience, and financial benefits, all while exploring a new world.





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