ThirdLine Industries – A Monitoring Platform for Municipalities That Saves Taxpayers Money


As state and local governments are collecting a large amount of revenue, it is important to ensure that the money is being properly used and not wasted through fraud or inefficient practices. ThirdLine Industries helps municipalities to monitor their analytics and workflow processes to prevent fraud, decrease waste, expedite audits, and discover cost savings.

Enterprise Analytics for the Public Good

ThirdLine Industries is not just another analytics solution, it is a platform dedicated to ensuring the public good. The platform is designed to help eliminate vulnerabilities in the municipality’s systems by analyzing transactions and workflow processes with machine learning and AI. As a result, the platform can identify potential fraud, waste, and undetected errors in real-time.

Stop Fraud and Waste

Fraud and waste are two of the biggest expenses for municipalities across the United States. ThirdLine Industries’ platform provides an effective solution to detect and stop these problems. The platform uses real-time analytics to monitor and identify any suspicious activities. The platform alerts the appropriate personnel to further investigate the issue and take quick action.

Discover Cost Savings

Finding cost savings is essential for municipalities as they have a tight budget. ThirdLine Industries takes an innovative approach by analyzing transactions and workflow processes to identify any opportunities for cost savings. The platform provides valuable insights to help reduce expenses and minimize future risks.

Integration in Less Than a Week

ThirdLine Industries’ platform can be integrated with your ERP system in less than a week starting from only $2,000. The company’s team of experts work quickly to ensure a seamless integration process that does not interfere with your municipality’s essential services. The platform is user-friendly and easy to use, ensuring that anyone can use it to improve their municipality’s financial performance.

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In conclusion

ThirdLine Industries provides an innovative platform to help municipalities in the United States prevent fraud and waste, as well as discover cost savings. The platform is designed to ensure the public good by monitoring and analyzing transactions and workflow processes in real-time. With ThirdLine Industries, municipalities can save money and operate more efficiently.

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