Timus Networks, Inc. – Revolutionizing connectivity

Building and securing the modern workplace has never been easier with Timus Networks, the SaaS platform that connects your employees, devices and applications. With a headquarters in Massachusetts, Timus Networks provides a scalable, automated and centrally managed no-hardware platform with its SASE and Zero Trust architecture.

Securely Connect Your Employees, Devices and Applications

Timus Networks allows your company to securely connect your employees, devices and applications no matter where they are. By securing your network from the cloud, Timus Networks provides you and your company with peace of mind. The innovative platform is perfect for companies that want to protect their network, infrastructure and employees from harmful malware, ransomware and other web-based threats.

Scalable, Centrally Managed and Automated

Timus Networks provides a scalable, centrally managed and automated no-hardware platform that can save your company valuable time and money. With its Dynamic Firewall, Anti-Malware Engine and AI-Driven Secure Web Gateway you will be able to protect your company’s network and infrastructure in real-time, without having to manually monitor and respond to threats.

Cloud Dashboard with Automated Tasks

Timus Networks offers a centralized cloud dashboard that makes managing network and security policies simple and efficient. The platform automates many tasks that would typically require manual input, freeing up your time and resources. Timus Networks’ leadership team has a wealth of experience in providing innovative network security solutions, both from the cloud and on-prem.


Timus Networks is an innovative startup that is revolutionizing the way companies build and secure their modern workplace. With its scalable and automated no-hardware platform, Timus Networks provides companies with a reliable solution to protect against harmful malware and web-based threats. The platform’s cloud dashboard makes managing network and security policies simple and efficient. For more information about Timus Networks, please visit their website or connect with them on social media.

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Website: https://timusnetworks.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/timusnetworks/

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