Top Austin Information Services Startups Shaping the Tech Landscape in 2023

Austin, Texas, has emerged as a hotspot for startups, rising to prominence with its vibrant tech scene and strong entrepreneurial spirit. Among these ventures, a significant number have made their mark in the Information Services sector, ranging from media and content, consulting, technology, knitting, health care, marketplace, data integration, business development, import and export management, apps to social solutions. In this article, we bring you a roundup of some of the most interesting Information Services startups based in Austin.

These innovative companies span diverse industries and use technology in distinct ways, but what they all share is a passion for providing information services in unique ways, exhibiting Austin’s entrepreneurial talent. The startups offer an insight into the ecosystem’s richness, providing a plethora of services that showcase the variety and depth of Austin’s tech-oriented culture.

Here’s a closer look at these exciting ventures, their origins, and what they offer:


Founded by Chrissy Cowdrey, Stagger is a visual storytelling platform aiming to help small businesses drive revenue through engaging content. It operates in the content, information services, media and entertainment, and software industries.


Austonia is an authentic, locally owned online news company that focuses exclusively on what’s happening in Austin.

White Glove Consulting Group, LLC

This startup offers services in the consulting, information services, information technology, and software industries, and it aims to disrupt the IT project landscape.

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Knit Like Granny

Founded by Jodie Morgan, this startup specializes in providing tutorials and knitting pattern roundups for beginner knitters. Its industries include digital media, guides, information services, media and entertainment, and video.

Crochet Penguin

Also founded by Jodie Morgan, this startup provides tutorials and crochet pattern roundups for beginner crocheters.


Led by Bryan Rymer, Drew Rymer, and Gary Spirer, HealthClicks offers a data-driven compliance, facility maintenance, and data analytics system tailored for the healthcare industry.


Youvize, founded by Cody Nault and Ryne Harshman, is a marketplace platform for virtual on-demand services.


Founded by Dwamian Mcleish, Junction seeks to unify and monetize data from siloed systems in an affordable way.


Markaaz is a global tech company that sets a new standard for small business data solutions. This startup offers an innovative platform for import and export management systems.

Sentry Interactive

Sentry Interactive is a privately held startup that innovates in interactive services and product design.


SigBee offers a software application that provides support for employees with daily updates.


Founded by Frank Rogers and Kyle Burt, Acuerdo offers services like Digital Transformation, Unified Communications, Contact Center Technology, Security as a Service, and Connectivity Solutions.

Sansotti Technologies

Sansotti Technologies is exploring new ways of doing business in the information services industry.


With Aa Aa, Bernard Nixon, and Christine Radosti at its helm, LifePod positions itself as a Platform as a Service, offering Disaster Relief, City/Civic/Social-Facing Solutions, and Off Grid Construction Developer in the information services, manufacturing, and real estate industries.

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