Transforming Health Care in Brooklyn – Exploring Innovative Startups Revolutionizing the Industry


Brooklyn, New York, is a hotbed of innovation in the health care industry, with startups revolutionizing the way people access and experience care. These pioneering companies are leveraging technology, human-centered approaches, and community engagement to transform health care delivery, improve outcomes, and empower individuals. In this article, we shine a spotlight on 15 remarkable health care startups in Brooklyn, showcasing their innovative solutions and their commitment to enhancing well-being. Join us as we delve into the inspiring world of health care entrepreneurship and the impact it’s making on the community.

Dadi – Empowering Male Fertility Care with Advanced Solutions

Dadi offers comprehensive male fertility services, including sperm storage, male fertility reports, and at-home collection kits. By combining technology and personalized care, Dadi empowers individuals to take control of their reproductive health and family planning journey.

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Oula Health – Redefining the Pregnancy and Delivery Experience

Oula Health is revolutionizing how women experience pregnancy and delivery. Through its innovative approach, Oula Health provides comprehensive support, resources, and a network of professionals to guide women through their maternal health journey, ensuring a positive and empowered experience.

Choosing Therapy – Accessible Mental and Behavioral Health Content

Choosing Therapy is an online publication dedicated to creating accurate and actionable mental and behavioral health content. By providing reliable information and resources, Choosing Therapy aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their mental well-being and connect them with qualified professionals when needed.

Ergatta – Connected Fitness for Home Workouts

Ergatta offers an at-home connected fitness experience centered around rowing. With its rowing machine and proprietary digital content, Ergatta provides engaging workouts and personalized training programs, promoting fitness and overall well-being.

Sleuth – Crowdsourced Solutions for Children’s Health

Sleuth is a platform that harnesses the power of crowdsourcing to provide solutions for children’s health. By connecting parents, caregivers, and experts, Sleuth facilitates knowledge-sharing and helps families navigate complex health issues, ensuring the best outcomes for children’s well-being.

Doral Health and Wellness – Comprehensive Healthcare Diagnosis Center

Doral Health and Wellness is a healthcare diagnosis center offering specialized services such as diabetes management, ENT care, dermatology diagnosis, and more. With a focus on providing comprehensive and personalized care, Doral Health and Wellness is committed to improving the health and well-being of its patients.

Treat Health – Humanizing Health Care for Medicaid Beneficiaries

Treat Health aims to humanize health care for Medicaid beneficiaries through the innovative use of technology and on-demand support. By enhancing accessibility, empowering patients, and promoting personalized care, Treat Health is revolutionizing the way Medicaid beneficiaries engage with their health care.

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Comfort Health – Mental Health Support for Children’s Success

Comfort Health provides essential mental health support for children, setting them up for success in various areas of life, including home, school, and the community. By addressing mental health challenges early on, Comfort Health promotes positive well-being and resilience in children.

Angel Care – Comprehensive Health Services for In-Home Care

Angel Care offers a range of skilled nursing care, physical therapy, home health aides, medical social workers, and nutrition services. By providing comprehensive in-home care, Angel Care aims to improve the quality of life for individuals and promote their overall well-being.

Advanced Home Care Services – Personalized Home Health Care Solutions

Advanced Home Care Services specializes in delivering personalized home health care services. With a team of dedicated professionals, they offer home health aides, personal care, and nursing services, ensuring individuals receive the support they need in the comfort of their own homes.

It’s a She Thing, Inc. – Empowering Women and Girls

It’s a She Thing, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering, enriching, and edifying the lives of women and girls. Through various programs and initiatives, It’s a She Thing, Inc. promotes physical and mental well-being, fosters community engagement, and supports personal growth.

Physical Therapy Career – Informative Resource for Aspiring Physical Therapists

Physical Therapy Career serves as a valuable resource for aspiring physical therapists, providing up-to-date information about top accredited PT schools, programs, and salary data. With comprehensive insights, Physical Therapy Career helps individuals make informed decisions about their educational and career paths in the field of physical therapy.

AssayMe – Personal Wellness and Health Assistant

AssayMe is a personal wellness and health assistant app that enables patients to monitor their health and prevent medical problems. By leveraging artificial intelligence and information technology, AssayMe empowers individuals to take proactive control of their well-being.

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ivee – At-Home Health and Wellness Services

ivee empowers patients to receive convenient at-home health and wellness services. With their user-friendly platform, ivee connects patients with qualified professionals, allowing them to access essential care and services from the comfort of their homes.

Chronicon – Elevating the Lives of Individuals with Chronic Illnesses

Chronicon is a media and events company dedicated to elevating the lives of individuals living with chronic illnesses. Through engaging events and compelling content, Chronicon provides support, inspiration, and resources to enhance the well-being of those navigating chronic health conditions.


Brooklyn’s health care startups are driving innovation, promoting accessibility, and transforming the way individuals experience care. From fertility solutions to mental health support, these companies are revolutionizing various aspects of the health care industry. By combining technology, compassion, and community engagement, they are making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and the overall well-being of the community. As these startups continue to thrive and expand, Brooklyn solidifies its position as a hub of health care innovation and a catalyst for positive change in the industry.

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