Unveiling San Francisco’s Marketplace Revolution: 15 Startups Disrupting Industries

Discover the innovative startups shaping industries and connecting communities in San Francisco's marketplace ecosystem.

San Francisco, the hub of technological advancements and entrepreneurial spirit, is home to a thriving marketplace startup scene. These dynamic companies are revolutionizing industries, connecting communities, and addressing diverse needs. In this article, we’ll explore 15 fascinating marketplace startups that are making waves in San Francisco.

SESO: Empowering the Agricultural Workforce

SESO provides a workforce platform focusing on the agricultural industry. Their innovative solution connects agricultural workers with job opportunities, ensuring streamlined operations and efficient labor management.

Shef: Uniting Communities Through Homemade Food

Shef enables talented home cooks to earn income by preparing and selling homemade meals to their local communities. This unique marketplace platform fosters culinary creativity and brings people together through the joy of home-cooked food.

Cottage: Redefining Housing Affordability

Cottage tackles the housing affordability crisis by simplifying the process of building Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). By providing an intuitive platform, Cottage empowers homeowners to create additional living spaces on their properties, fostering more inclusive and sustainable communities.

CropConex: Streamlining Specialty Crop Sales

CropConex is a marketplace and supply chain management platform that optimizes the sales and exports of specialty crops. By leveraging advanced technology, they facilitate seamless transactions, enhancing efficiency and profitability for both buyers and sellers.

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Safe-Investing: Democratising Commercial Real Estate

Safe-Investing leverages fintech and crowdfunding to provide access to commercial real estate investments. Their platform allows individuals to invest in curated properties, diversifying portfolios and democratizing the real estate market.

blockchain.art: Revolutionizing the Art Market with Blockchain

blockchain.art (BCA) is a groundbreaking marketplace and e-commerce solution that utilizes blockchain technology to connect galleries, museums, and artists. BCA ensures transparency, security, and authenticity in the art market.

BearBuzz: Accelerating Influencer Marketing

BearBuzz builds an influencer marketplace that streamlines the negotiation process, making influencer marketing more efficient and effective for businesses. Their platform facilitates seamless collaborations and impactful brand promotion.

Volition: Connecting Industrial Component Suppliers

Volition operates a marketplace that offers a wide range of suppliers for industrial components. Their platform enables efficient procurement processes, empowering businesses in various industries to access quality components.

ServiceBookie: Empowering Service Providers

ServiceBookie is a marketplace for service providers, offering online marketing solutions that help small businesses compete against big tech. Their platform connects service providers with potential customers, driving growth and visibility.

Bullpen: Freelance Marketplace for Commercial Real Estate

Bullpen is the only freelancer marketplace dedicated to commercial real estate. They connect talented professionals with businesses in need of specialized real estate services, creating opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Mavis: Enriching Senior Care Services

Mavis helps seniors and their families live a quality life by providing a marketplace for senior care services. Their platform connects families with trusted care providers, ensuring personalized and reliable support.

Sagacore: Gamified Lifestyle Social Platform

Sagacore offers a gamified lifestyle social platform, integrating asset management, e-commerce, and identity management. Users can engage with like-minded individuals, discover new products, and manage their digital identities.

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WeShare: Simplifying B2B E-Commerce

WeShare is building a B2B e-commerce platform that enables small and medium-sized businesses to procure essentials directly from factories. Their solution streamlines supply chain management and fosters direct relationships between businesses and manufacturers.

Friday Night Labs: P2P Data Marketplaces

Friday Night Labs operates P2P data marketplaces, enabling individuals and businesses to exchange data securely. Their platform facilitates data-driven decision-making and fosters collaboration across various industries.

CrossingHub: Connecting Artists and Production Companies

CrossingHub is the world’s largest entertainment marketplace, connecting artists directly to production companies. Their platform streamlines the hiring process, facilitating collaborations and empowering creative professionals.


These 15 marketplace startups in San Francisco exemplify the city’s spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. By leveraging advanced technology and creative solutions, they are reshaping industries, connecting communities, and addressing diverse needs. As these startups continue to thrive and expand, they contribute to the dynamic and vibrant ecosystem of San Francisco’s marketplace scene.

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