Wool & Water – Metaverse Technology Changing the Shopping Game


Are you tired of shopping online feeling like a static experience? Wool & Water is changing that. As an award-winning software company using Metaverse technology, Wool & Water is improving the online and offline shopping experience. Keep reading to learn more about this innovative startup.

What is Wool & Water?

Wool & Water is a startup based in Chicago that specializes in using Metaverse technology to improve online and offline shopping experiences. They have developed proprietary one-touch AR commerce technology that seamlessly integrates with a retailer’s complete digital and print omnichannel footprint. Their goal is to increase conversion rates, grow basket size, strengthen shopper loyalty, and reduce marketing costs.

How does Wool & Water integrate with retailers?

Wool & Water’s technology is designed to be controlled by and housed on a retailer’s website. This eliminates the need for costly marketing partnerships with social worlds such as Roblox or Snapchat. The technology allows shoppers to quickly and easily access augmented reality features for a more interactive shopping experience. This technology is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

What industries does Wool & Water serve?

Wool & Water is currently focused on serving the retail, CPG, and automotive industries. However, they have plans to expand into other naturally aligned industries such as spirits, travel, and professional sports. Their technology is versatile enough to work in a variety of industries, which makes them an exciting prospect for any business looking to improve their online and offline shopping experience.

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Why is Wool & Water winning awards?

Wool & Water is bringing innovation to an industry that has struggled to evolve quickly. By integrating Metaverse technology, they are changing the game for online and offline shopping. They were recently recognized by Auggie Awards and have received recognition from industry experts for their innovative approach.


If you’re looking for a way to improve your online and offline shopping experience, Wool & Water is a startup to watch. Their proprietary technology is designed to seamlessly integrate with your digital and print omnichannel footprint, and they are committed to helping you increase conversion rates, grow basket size, strengthen shopper loyalty, and reduce marketing costs. With plans to expand into other industries, they are definitely a startup worth keeping an eye on.

Website: http://www.woolandwater.co

Facebook : connect on LinkedIn.

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