Computer Vision Startups in San Francisco: 15 Innovative Companies Shaping the Future of AI

Exploring the Top 15 Computer Vision Startups Making Waves in San Francisco

Computer vision is an exciting field that is changing the way we interact with technology. San Francisco is home to many startups that are leveraging computer vision to transform industries from healthcare to logistics. In this article, we’ll showcase 15 interesting computer vision startups in San Francisco that are worth knowing about.

Synthesis AI: Revolutionizing Data Generation for Computer Vision

Synthesis AI is a platform that generates high-quality data for computer vision applications. With Synthesis AI, companies can train their AI models on a diverse range of data to make their algorithms more accurate and robust. Synthesis AI is making it easier and faster for companies to develop computer vision applications.

Visual One: Enabling Surveillance Cameras to Recognize Specific Events

Visual One is using computer vision and machine learning to enable surveillance cameras to recognize specific events. This technology can be used to enhance public safety, monitor critical infrastructure, and improve operations in a wide range of industries. Visual One is making it possible for cameras to do more than just record footage.

Fitimage: A Fitness Tracker Based on Your Images

Fitimage is a fitness app that uses computer vision to track your fitness progress. With Fitimage, you simply take a photo of yourself and the app analyzes your body composition and tracks your progress over time. Fitimage is making it easier for people to track their fitness goals without the need for expensive equipment or complicated tracking tools.

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Mage App: A Marketplace App Built Specifically for Buying and Selling Cards

Mage App is a marketplace app that uses computer vision to make it easier to buy and sell cards from Magic: The Gathering. With Mage App, you can simply take a photo of your card and the app will automatically recognize it and provide you with information about its value. Mage App is making it easier for Magic fans to buy and sell cards online.

CompScience: Making Workplaces Safer with AI-Powered Workers’ Comp Policies

CompScience is using computer vision and AI to make workplaces safer and reduce workers’ compensation rates. With CompScience, companies can implement an AI-powered policy that can help prevent workplace injuries and reduce the cost of claims. CompScience is making it possible for companies to prioritize employee safety and reduce their insurance costs at the same time.

Replai: AI-Driven Creative Intelligence Platform

Replai is an AI-driven creative intelligence platform that helps companies create compelling content. With Replai, companies can create personalized videos using computer vision and machine learning. Replai is making it easier for companies to create engaging content that resonates with their audiences.

Kargo: A Smart Loading Dock for Intuitive and Responsive Operations

Kargo is using computer vision to create a smart loading dock that makes operations more intuitive and responsive. With Kargo, companies can optimize their supply chain operations and reduce the time it takes to load and unload cargo. Kargo is making it easier for logistics companies to manage their operations more efficiently.

Forma Health: The Future of Physical Therapy

Forma Health is using computer vision to create the future of physical therapy. With Forma Health, patients can receive personalized exercises and feedback based on their specific needs. Forma Health is making it easier for patients to receive high-quality physical therapy without leaving their homes.

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PropTexx: Innovative Big Data Analytics and Immersive Real-Time BI Solutions for Real Estate

PropTexx is using computer vision and big data analytics to provide immersive, real-time business intelligence solutions for the real estate industry. With PropTexx, companies can make data-driven decisions about property development, management, and sales. PropTexx is making it easier for real estate professionals to leverage technology to improve their operations.

Vert AI Inc.: Revolutionizing Mobile Automatic License Plate Recognition

Vert AI Inc. is a startup that provides a new generation of mobile automatic license plate recognition (ALPR). With its AI-powered solution, the company offers a range of security and safety applications, such as monitoring parking lots, identifying stolen cars, and tracking suspicious activity. Its mobile ALPR solution offers unparalleled speed and accuracy, enabling businesses and government agencies to operate more efficiently and securely.

Radimal: Empowering Veterinarians with AI-Generated Radiology Reports

Radimal is a computer vision startup that uses AI to generate radiology reports for veterinarians, allowing them to diagnose and treat their patients more accurately and efficiently. With its technology, Radimal provides instant and reliable diagnoses, reducing the turnaround time for radiology reports and providing vets with a tool to improve their patient care.

AnonimA: Protecting Privacy with AI-Powered Photo and Video Anonymization

AnonimA is a computer vision startup that has developed a tool for anonymizing photos and videos. The company’s AI-powered solution enables individuals and businesses to protect their privacy by removing sensitive information such as faces and identifying features from images and videos. AnonimA’s technology can be used in a range of industries, from law enforcement to social media, enabling secure and private sharing of visual data.

Kwali: Improving Food Production with AI-Powered Franchise Platform

Kwali is a computer vision startup that provides a food production platform for franchises, enabling them to automate and optimize their production processes. The company’s AI-powered solution uses computer vision to monitor food production and provide real-time insights into performance, helping franchises to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Kwali’s technology has the potential to transform the food industry, improving food quality and sustainability.

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Masterful AI: Simplifying AI Development with AutoML Platform

Masterful AI is a computer vision startup that has developed an AutoML platform that enables developers to build more accurate models faster. The company’s technology automates the process of building and deploying AI models, reducing the time and resources required for AI development. With its user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms, Masterful AI’s AutoML platform has the potential to democratize AI development and make it accessible to more businesses and individuals.

Voxel: Enhancing Industrial Safety with Real-Time Hazard Detection

Voxel is a computer vision startup that uses AI to enable security cameras to automatically identify hazards and high-risk activities in real-time. The company’s technology enables industrial sites to monitor safety and security, identifying potential hazards and reducing the risk of accidents. Voxel’s solution has the potential to improve safety and productivity in a range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, and transportation.


Computer vision startups are revolutionizing industries with their AI-powered solutions, from improving safety and security to enhancing productivity and sustainability. These six startups based in San Francisco are at the forefront of this transformation, and their innovative solutions have the potential to change the way we live and work. As the demand for computer vision technology continues to grow, we can expect to see more startups like these emerging and driving innovation in the years to come.

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