Mobile Mavericks – Unveiling Brooklyn’s Trailblazing Startups Shaping the Mobile Landscape


Brooklyn, New York, is a vibrant hub of innovation, and its mobile startup ecosystem is thriving with groundbreaking ventures. In this article, we delve into 15 captivating mobile startups that are redefining how we connect, engage, and navigate the digital world. From empowering dog communities to revolutionizing customer experiences, these startups are at the forefront of mobile innovation. Join us as we explore Brooklyn’s dynamic mobile startup scene, where creativity, technology, and entrepreneurship intersect to shape the future of mobile experiences.


WoofUp is a mobile app that aims to improve the dog community for both dogs and owners. By connecting dog lovers, providing valuable resources, and fostering a sense of community, WoofUp enhances the lives of our furry friends. Whether it’s finding playdates, sharing pet-related advice, or discovering dog-friendly spots, WoofUp brings dog owners together through the power of mobile technology.


KYWRD is a unique relationship app designed for intellectuals. By creating a platform that focuses on meaningful connections and intellectual compatibility, KYWRD offers an alternative approach to modern dating. With its emphasis on shared interests and intellectual conversations, KYWRD cultivates connections that go beyond superficial swipe-based dating apps.


AssayMe app is a personal Wellness & Health Assistant that enables patients to monitor their health and prevent medical problems. By leveraging artificial intelligence and health diagnostics, AssayMe empowers individuals to take control of their well-being. With its user-friendly interface and data-driven insights, AssayMe provides valuable health information and supports proactive healthcare management.

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Parkble Inc.

Parkble is a peer-to-peer community-based mobile app that helps drivers share, find, and exchange street parking spots. By leveraging the power of the community, Parkble reduces the stress and hassle of finding parking in busy urban areas. With real-time updates and user-generated data, Parkble revolutionizes the way we navigate city parking, making urban life more convenient and efficient.


Koala is a customer experience platform that enables inspirational and intuitive consumer touchpoints for brands. By leveraging mobile technology, Koala creates seamless and personalized interactions between brands and consumers. From enhancing e-commerce experiences to revolutionizing food delivery and hospitality, Koala empowers brands to deliver exceptional customer experiences and build lasting relationships.


FlashShare provides a smart on-demand portable phone charger sharing solution. With FlashShare, users can access portable chargers conveniently and ensure that their devices stay powered throughout the day. By leveraging sharing economy principles and mobile technology, FlashShare offers a practical solution to the perennial problem of low battery life.


Norby is an audience relationship toolkit built for creators and brands. With Norby, content creators can engage and grow their audience across various mobile platforms. From social media management to data analytics, Norby equips creators with the tools they need to cultivate meaningful connections and build loyal communities.


FYTR is an online platform that tailors restaurant meals to an individual’s caloric needs and/or food intolerances. With FYTR, users can discover restaurants and menu items that align with their dietary preferences and goals. By leveraging mobile apps and data-driven recommendations, FYTR promotes wellness and personalized dining experiences.

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Wayger is a mobile application that allows users to bet on sporting events against their friends. By combining the thrill of sports betting with social interaction, Wayger enhances the sports-watching experience. Whether it’s friendly wagers or competitive bets, Wayger creates a dynamic and engaging platform for sports enthusiasts.

The Daily FinQ

The Daily FinQ is a mobile app that provides quizzes related to money and finance. With its engaging content and interactive format, The Daily FinQ educates and entertains users while enhancing their financial literacy. By making finance accessible and fun, The Daily FinQ empowers individuals to make informed financial decisions.


UpClose is the friendly way to make, manage, and cancel social plans. With its intuitive mobile app, UpClose simplifies social planning and coordination. Whether it’s organizing a get-together or keeping track of events, UpClose ensures that social plans are hassle-free and enjoyable.


openigloo is a platform that allows tenants to find apartments from reputable landlords. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive listings, openigloo simplifies the apartment search process. By connecting tenants with reliable landlords, openigloo fosters transparency and trust in the rental market.


Otonomi is a first-to-market parametric cargo insurance platform. By leveraging blockchain technology and mobile solutions, Otonomi revolutionizes cargo insurance by providing transparent and efficient coverage. With its innovative approach, Otonomi enhances trust, security, and reliability in the transportation and logistics industry.


1NERD is a modern real estate marketplace built for the now. By leveraging mobile technology and real-time data, 1NERD simplifies the real estate search process. Whether it’s finding a new home or exploring investment opportunities, 1NERD equips users with the tools they need to make informed decisions in the fast-paced real estate market.

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Window is a construction-only social content platform that allows users to share what’s being built project by project. By connecting construction professionals and enthusiasts, Window creates a vibrant community where users can discover and share the latest developments in the construction industry. With its focus on content discovery and social engagement, Window revolutionizes the way we connect with construction projects.


Brooklyn’s mobile startup scene is a testament to the power of innovation and technology. These startups are driving mobile experiences to new heights, addressing diverse needs, and reshaping the way we interact with the world around us. From enhancing our pets’ lives to transforming customer experiences, these ventures are at the forefront of mobile innovation, solidifying Brooklyn’s position as a thriving hub of mobile entrepreneurship.

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