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Raised – Access The World’s Best Talents for Part-Time Projects


As a startup founder, the success of your venture heavily relies on the expertise of your team. But what if you could have the cream of the crop working for you, even if just for part-time projects or advising? Meet Raised – the marketplace that connects startups with the world’s most excellent business professionals with experience at Tier-1 startups.

Instant Access to Top Talents

With Raised, startups don’t have to go through the lengthy and often costly process of recruiting and vetting talent. They have already done that for you. Their database of experts includes individuals with diverse expertise ranging from sales, marketing, product development, and fundraising, among others.

Accelerating Growth, Increasing Valuation, and Solving Challenges
Raised’s experts work directly with founding teams to identify the most challenging problems facing the startups and make sure they are on the right track towards sustainable success. They offer invaluable insights and support tailored to the modern startup culture’s demands and challenges. The result? Accelerated growth, higher valuation, and tough challenges tackled with ease.

Quality and Examples of Projects

Raised upholds a strict standard when it comes to expert vetting. All the listed professionals have experience at Tier-1 startups, meaning you get access to the best individuals with proven track records. The quality of their projects speaks for itself. For instance, the following are some examples of completed projects:

Sales audit and reengineering of sales processes from lead generation to closing for a YC-backed company (Seed); 40-hour project -> performed by the ex-VP Global Sales at Series-C startup

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Retention: Develop initiatives to increase retention and engagement for a networking app (Series A); 30-hour project -> performed by the ex-Head of Growth at Series-B social app

Fundraising: Built the pitch deck, made the list of agrotech VC, and made seven warm intros for a vertical farm (Seed); 20-hour project -> performed by the Head of M&A at AgTech holding

Ease of Use and Affordability

Raised has simplified the process of finding and contracting startup experts to a few simple steps. Once you sign up, you can explore its list of vetted experts and select those with the skills you need for your project. After a project proposal and acceptance, you get instant access to the expert, and the work begins. With Raised’s fee structure, startups only pay for the hours worked, ensuring affordability and a level of flexibility.

Join the Raised Network

Startups seeking to grow, increase valuation, and tackle difficult challenges should check out Raised. Its network of vetted business experts is one of the most extensive in the market, and the quality of service and expertise is unmatched. With a few clicks, you can tap into the best talents out there and take your startup to the next level.



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