Saks.com – aims to redefine luxury e-commerce

As technology advances and online shopping becomes more popular, traditional brick and mortar stores must adapt to keep up with the times. This is exactly what Saks.com is doing with its e-commerce platform. As a leader in the luxury retail industry, Saks Fifth Avenue’s e-commerce business has made a strategic decision to evolve into a stand-alone entity and expand its customer base in the growing online luxury fashion market.

Saks.com’s Fashion Expertise and Digital Focus

Saks.com’s goal is to provide customers with an unparalleled shopping experience that combines the team’s fashion expertise with a renewed digital focus. Saks.com’s team of buyers and stylists bring customers the latest trends and styles in the luxury fashion world. They have an eye for fashion and know what will sell.

The renewed digital focus comes in the form of investing in technology to enhance the customer experience. Saks.com uses data to customize the shopping experience to each customer, recommending items that cater to the customer’s individual preferences. Not only does this personalize the experience, it also helps increase customer loyalty, leading to repeat business.

Saks.com’s Strategic Investments

Saks.com has made strategic investments to evolve and expand its online experience. One of the main investments is elevating styling capabilities. Saks.com offers personalized styling services, where customers can work with a stylist to build a wardrobe and select outfits for special events. Customers can also ask for help with specific items, such as finding the perfect cocktail dress or the right pair of jeans.

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Data-driven personalization is another strategic investment for Saks.com. By analyzing customer data, the company can curate collections that are more likely to appeal to each customer. This personalized recommendation system makes shopping more efficient and enjoyable for customers, while also increasing sales for the company.

Saks Marketplace

Saks.com is in the process of creating a hybrid retail and marketplace platform. The platform will expand the assortment available on the site while still maintaining a curated experience. This initiative will allow Saks.com to offer products from more brands and create a comprehensive shopping destination for luxury fashion.


Saks.com is a company that understands the importance of adapting to changing customer behavior. As the luxury fashion industry shifts more towards online sales, Saks.com is well-positioned to take advantage of that trend. With its team of fashion experts, innovative technology, personalized styling services, and plans for a hybrid retail and marketplace platform, Saks.com is poised to redefine the luxury e-commerce experience.

Website: http://www.saks.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/saks

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saks/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/saksfifthave/

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