Showcase: Western Hills Partners – Expert M&A Advisory for the Technology Sector

Western Hills Partners is a leading tech M&A advisory boutique with over 30 years of experience in banking for the technology sector. With its headquarters in Portola Valley, California, Western Hills Partners offers expert business valuation, technology advisory, and financial consulting services. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll take a closer look at Western Hills Partners and how it is helping technology companies successfully navigate complex merger and acquisition transactions.

Expert M&A Advisory for the Technology Sector

As veteran M&A professionals for the technology sector, Western Hills Partners provides significant value-added services for companies exploring business sales, mergers, and acquisitions. The team at Western Hills Partners has a deep understanding of key industry trends and opportunities that impact the value of its software and internet clients. The team provides expert positioning of its clients to maximize their value and strategic value, leveraging its experience in complex transaction execution, and expertise in the structuring of core deal terms.

Sell Side Advisory Services

Western Hills Partners guides tech firms through every stage of the mergers and acquisitions process through its sell side advisory services. These services are especially beneficial for clients who lack the experience of having conducted a sell side transaction and who can leverage the expertise of Western Hills Partners to successfully complete a transaction on their behalf. Western Hills Partners provides best-in-class financial services for technology companies, including strong negotiating leverage and extensive financial modeling services.

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Sector Focus in the Technology Sector

The team at Western Hills Partners has over 30 years of tech advisory experience and expertise, with a sector focus divided into two primary areas: software and services and internet and digital media. In the software and services sector, Western Hills Partners focuses on marketing technology, BI/Analytics, cloud services, supply chain software, HCIT, HCM, communications software, content management, collaborative software, tech-enabled services, security software, payment software, consumer software, and B2B vertical software. In the internet and digital media sector, Western Hills Partners focuses on vertical content, alternative payments, lead generation, ad tech, gaming, subscription services, vertical marketplaces, internet of things (IoT), and over the top (OTT) media services.

Expert Financial Advisory Services for Technology Companies

Buying or selling a business can be a complex process for technology companies. With Western Hills Partners and its cutting-edge financial advisory services, technology companies can make the strategic decisions they need to achieve their goals. From advising firms on purchases and sales to business valuation, strategic acquisition planning, and due diligence, Western Hills Partners has the skill and experience technology companies need to successfully complete a strategic sale.

Contact Western Hills Partners Today

To learn more about Western Hills Partners’ services or to schedule a meeting with their experienced advisors, please reach out to Paul Inouye at Western Hills Partners at [email protected].

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