Startup Showcase: Research Lead – Crowdfunding Medical Research for Improved Health

Research Lead is a crowdfunding platform that aims to advance meaningful, high quality, and socially-driven medical research. With a mission to improve health, effective treatments, and reduce disease and illness, Research Lead connects researchers and sponsors to fund quality research that matters. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll take a closer look at Research Lead and how it is advancing medical research through its crowdfunding platform.

Transparency, Empowerment, and Connection

Research Lead’s core values are transparency, empowerment, and connection. The platform ensures transparency by allowing sponsors to learn about the research they are supporting, and the funds are allocated based on reaching milestones, giving confidence that the contribution is used for the intended research. Sponsors can also receive regular updates as the study progresses. Research Lead empowers the average person to fund meaningful medical research that matters to them, while researchers are empowered to conduct the research they believe will save lives and make us healthier. Finally, Research Lead aims to connect sponsors and researchers, increase awareness of research, and improve how research gets communicated.

Criteria for Approval

Researchers submit their studies to Research Lead to be reviewed by experts to ensure that they meet Research Lead’s standards. Only qualified researchers with credentials and affiliation with a reputable non-profit institution are accepted. Research must be not-for-profit without conflicts of interest and supported by current scientific understanding aimed at improving health in humans. Research Lead does not choose which topics of medical research are worthwhile; it is left up to the sponsors to decide.

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Supporting Researchers

Once a study is approved for the platform, Research Lead supports the researchers and their team in preparing their profile. The platform helps convey clarity and understanding, selects representative images and videos, and drafts the budget and grant. As soon as a study reaches its funding goal, sponsorship is closed, and Research Lead works with the researchers, their institution, and lawyers to finalize the grant for funding the study.

Email Updates and Study Completion

Sponsors have the option to receive email updates and alerts as their sponsored research progresses. Once the study is complete, researchers share their findings through the platform. Research Lead is dedicated to promoting quality medical research and bringing together sponsors and researchers to make a difference for all of us.

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