SPAACE Industries – The Future of Multi-Metaverse is Here

Bridging the Gap between Virtual and Physical Worlds

Step into the world of SPAACE Industries, a revolutionary startup that is transforming the way we experience the metaverse. With its extensive ownership across all major metaverses, SPAACE is changing the game by creating a seamless bridge between physical reality and virtual reality. Through strategic media partnerships and integrating 1:1 virtual scales of urban landscapes, SPAACE is changing the game in the metaverse world.

Groundbreaking Innovation

SPAACE Industries is spearheading innovation by providing ownership of digital assets and properties in metaverses. As the first multi-metaverse to gain this ownership, SPAACE is generating $100M in annual recurring revenue with its strategic partnerships with FMW. SPAACE is merging physical advertising, commerce, and entertainment with the metaverse, making it the future of immersive marketing and income generation.

Powerful Advertising Platform

SPAACE is at the forefront of advertising in the metaverse world. Its strategic partnerships with over 50 partners have allowed it to offer advertising streams in the metaverse, enabling sellers to split revenue on every income and distribute 5% of the revenue to all token holders evenly. This has created a powerful advertising platform that makes it easy for businesses to reach their target audience.

Seamless Integration of Virtual and Physical

What makes SPAACE unique is its ability to seamlessly integrate the virtual and physical worlds. Through its 1:1 virtual scales of urban landscapes, SPAACE is enabling people to explore virtual structures in the metaverse that are identical to their physical counterparts. This makes it possible for businesses to offer a virtual representation of their brick and mortar stores, generating revenue even beyond their physical location.

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In conclusion

SPAACE Industries is the future of the metaverse. Its innovation and strategic partnerships have already led to outstanding revenue generation and a powerful advertising platform. SPAACE’s seamless integration of virtual and physical realities offers endless possibilities for businesses, and its potential for growth is unparalleled. Get ready for a journey like never before with SPAACE Industries.

Website at https://spaace.com

Twitter https://twitter.com/spaacemetaverse

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