Startup Showcase: Camily Industries – Revolutionizing Video Content Creation for Teams

Empower Your Community to Create Video Content with Camily's Video Automation Platform

Video content has become an integral part of business communication, marketing, and recruitment. However, producing professional videos requires specialized equipment, software, and expertise, making it a costly and time-consuming process. But what if we told you that you could easily create high-quality video content without hiring a professional videographer? Enter Camily, the world’s simplest user-generated video platform that lets your customers, employees, and community power your video content.

Camily’s online, self-service platform makes it unbelievably fast and easy to automatically collect, polish, and publish video content at scale. With Camily, any team can instantly begin growing a comprehensive library of video content from their customers, employees, and communities for use in marketing, web design, social media, communications, recruitment, events, and more.

Collect Your Video Content

Camily automates the entire video collection process so that every time someone from your community submits a video, it goes straight into your Camily account. The platform’s online form builder allows businesses to create branded, mobile-friendly video submission forms that can be customized to collect user-generated video content per specific topics or categories. This way, you can collect the perfect footage to support your storytelling goals.

Polish Your Video Content

Besides providing an easy-to-use platform to collect video content, Camily also has a built-in video editing tool that lets you polish those videos quickly. Businesses can add a branded intro/outro, soundtracks, captions, and more to make sure that the videos are professional and polished before being published to your desired channels.

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Publish Your Video Content

Camily’s DIY video editing and publishing tools make it easy for teams to publish their videos on websites, social media, or other platforms. Create video galleries that captivate your audience, boost trust, and drive conversions. This gives businesses the ability to create genuine, human stories that resonate with their customers, employees, and communities.

User-Generated Video is The Future

Camily’s vision is to productize remote video production, meaning that you don’t need a professional filmmaker to create great video content. “With Camily, we’re enabling any team, whether it’s a small business or a huge enterprise, to productize video content,” said Sean Hewens, founder, and CEO of Camily. “It’s the democratization of video production.”

The rise of user-generated content over the last few years has been remarkable. As we move forward, we can expect to see more companies following the example of Camily, shifting their focus towards creating more authentic and human stories with the help of their communities.

Jumpstart Your Video Production with Camily

Camily’s video automation platform makes it easy for any business to collect, polish, and publish videos without requiring any professional video production experience. By empowering communities to create human stories and compelling content, Camily helps businesses continue to grow and engage their audiences.





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