Startup Showcase: CipherMode Labs – Revolutionizes Data Utilization and Sharing

An Innovative Solution for Secure Data Utilization and Sharing

CipherMode Labs is a revolutionary data utilization and sharing platform which preserves the confidentiality of data throughout its entire lifecycle. This Los Angeles-based startup offers a cutting-edge encryption solution that allows for computation on encrypted data without decryption, providing provable security guarantees. With this technology, enterprises can seamlessly leverage their data across different organizations and jurisdictions while remaining compliant and protecting against data breaches.

Enterprise Security, Compliant Data Collaboration

CipherMode’s software-only solution eliminates the need for costly hardware, while reducing the risk of data breaches in data sharing processes. CipherMode Labs is committed to providing businesses and organizations a new standard of security for data utilization, collaboration, and asset protection.

Partnered with industry leading cloud providers, CipherMode’s proprietary encryption protocol allows data to be securely computed in a range of applications. CipherMode enables secure collaboration between multiple enterprises, ranging from co-marketing agreements, to drug discovery, and fraud detection.

Unmatched Technology: The CipherMode Edge

CipherMode’s technology is unique in its ability to maintain provable security guarantees, and is based on over a decade of academic research. Unlike other privacy-enhancing technologies (e.g. trusted execution environments and differential privacy) CipherMode’s software-only solution offer higher performance and speed, often between two to three orders of magnitude faster than Homomorphic Encryption.

CipherMode is actively working with major enterprises and government agencies to provide end-to-end data encryption and secure sharing leading to lowered compliance costs, instant data insights, and significant value realization. Clients include enterprises in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and sports.

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CipherMode’s Road Map

CipherMode Labs endeavors to revolutionize enterprise data handling across a wide array of industries. As CipherMode continues to develop and expand its technology, the possibilities are endless. The company’s goal is to secure data flows in real-time with the latest developments in cryptography and shield even large-scale computation. Building the technology right, working with industry leaders, and with the customer at the center of the company’s focus, CipherMode’s vision is centered on revolutionizing data sharing.


CipherMode Labs is a game-changing data utilization and sharing company that prides itself on providing top-notch security for its clients when sharing data. With its groundbreaking technology and commitment to data privacy, CipherMode Labs is poised to revolutionize the industry for years to come. For more information on CipherMode’s services and pricing, please contact the CipherMode team at or visit CipherMode’s





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