Startup Showcase: Heirified – Solving Digital & Traditional Wealth Transfer Globally

Are you confident that your digital assets will be securely passed on to your beneficiaries after you pass away? With the rise of cryptocurrency and digital assets, there is a growing concern about how these assets can be transferred to the right people in a secure and compliant way. Heirified, based in San Francisco, has developed an innovative solution to this problem – an A.I. driven, fail-proof and globally compliant trust and estate planning ecosystem for both digital and traditional assets.

Revolutionizing Wealth Transfer

At its core, Heirified aims to make trust and estate planning accessible and easy for everyone. Using artificial intelligence, the platform ensures that assets are transferred according to the owner’s wishes, eliminating any room for human error. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing wealth, such as automatic rebalancing, risk management, and global asset allocation. Users can also employ smart contracts to manage any digital assets on the blockchain.

Solving the Cryptocurrency Problem

One of the biggest challenges in the world of cryptocurrency is the issue of passing on digital assets to beneficiaries. Traditional estate planning processes may not suffice, as cryptocurrencies exist decentralized, without any centralized authority, and can be challenging to locate or assign ownership to. Heirified offers a solution to that by providing an auditable record of ownership, which enables named beneficiaries or their legal representatives to access these assets securely. This solution will increase trust between the customer and asset custodian by making sure their assets survive beyond their digital or physical lives.

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Meeting Global Needs

Heirified has taken a broad view of the market, recognizing that people of different nationalities, beliefs and cultures require specific solutions for trust and estate planning. The platform offers Shariah-Compliant global trust and estate planning services, catering to over two billion Muslims around the world who need their assets distributed under Shariah Law. This service offers unprecedented opportunities for financial institutions to access this huge and often-underserved customer group, working with them to develop custom solutions to suit their requirements.


Heirified is a startup that is set to revolutionize wealth transfer globally through its innovative solution. The platform addresses a growing need in the market for fail-proof and secure asset transfer, especially in the digital realm. Heirified has taken a broad view of the market, recognizing the need for unique and customized solutions for customers from different backgrounds. By developing first of its kind Shariah compliant trust and estate planning services, Heirified is opening doors for financial institutions globally to serve the needs of a growing market.





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