Startup Showcase: Connected Signals – Real-Time Traffic Signal Data for a Safer and More Efficient Driving Experience

Innovating the Connected Car Space with Predictive Traffic Signal Data

As technology advances, more and more industries are being disrupted, and the automotive industry is no exception. Connected Signals is an innovative startup in the connected car space that delivers real-time, predictive traffic signal data to improve the driving experience for millions of drivers on the road. With their sophisticated techniques to predict upcoming signal states, Connected Signals creates opportunities to increase driving safety, increase fuel efficiency, and optimize the driving experience.

Real-time Traffic Signal Data: Revolutionizing the Driving Experience

Connected Signals’ real-time, predictive traffic signal data is revolutionizing the driving experience, offering drivers a more efficient and safer journey. With applications ranging from EnLighten, which tells drivers when the light they are stopped at will turn green, to vehicle powertrain optimization based on the state of upcoming lights, Connected Signals provides drivers with information that can help them make informed decisions while on the road.

EnLighten: Enhancing Driving Safety and Comfort

Connected Signals’ EnLighten system is a prime example of how their technology can enhance driving safety and comfort. EnLighten tells drivers stopped at red lights whether they have time to catch their breath for a few seconds, change the radio station, or pick up the papers that fell on the floor. EnLighten waits until the car stops, so the driver is not distracted, then announces how long the light will be red and gives a visual countdown. A few seconds before the light turns green, an alert sounds to tell the driver to focus on the road. EnLighten’s system not only improves driving safety by minimizing distractions, but it also increases comfort by reducing the stress of waiting at traffic lights.

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Partnering with Municipalities: Cost-Effective and Scalable

Connected Signals partners with municipalities, handling the complexities of gathering real-time signal data and making it available in consistent formats for a variety of uses. Unlike other connected-vehicle technologies, their approach requires neither costly municipal infrastructure investments nor the addition of dedicated hardware to every vehicle. They communicate securely with existing traffic-signal infrastructure and handle the translation of different manufacturers’ signal data to a common format. Their system is cost-effective, scalable, and can be implemented without significant disruptions to existing infrastructure, making it an attractive solution for cities looking to improve their transportation systems.

Conclusion: Driving the Future of Connected Cars

Connected Signals’ real-time, predictive traffic signal data is an innovative solution that is driving the future of connected cars. Their technology provides drivers with information that can help them make informed decisions while on the road, making driving safer, more efficient, and more comfortable. With their cost-effective and scalable approach, Connected Signals is poised to revolutionize the transportation industry and help build the smart cities of the future.





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