Startup Showcase: Eigen Therapeutics – Making Cancer a Treatable Disease

As cancer statistics continue to soar globally, with more and more people losing their battle to the disease every year, Eigen Therapeutics – a biotechnology company located in Redwood City, California – has set out to make a difference. Eigen is dedicated to developing combination therapeutics for cancer that would make it easier to find and eliminate.

Eigen’s primary focus is on the development of “priming” therapies, a class of therapies that would help targeted therapies reach their full potential in treating cancer by addressing cancer heterogeneity. Through the expertise of both biologists and engineers, Eigen is creating a high-throughput discovery platform that would explore the space of priming therapies.

Discovering Novel Associations

Eigen’s discovery platform is unique in that it leverages proprietary machine learning algorithms to uncover novel associations that would result in the development of new classes of drugs and ultimately, new potential therapies. In essence, the Eigen discovery platform would change a cell’s state to make it more vulnerable to a targeted therapy. This is the intersection of biology and engineering that Eigen Therapeutics is all about.

In-House Development

Eigen is building a discovery platform that includes robotic systems, laboratory operations software, and machine learning analysis pipelines – all developed in-house. The goal is to save more lives by finding new and better combinations of therapies to treat different types of cancer.

Creating A Future

Eigen Therapeutics is a company dedicated to creating a future where cancer is no longer an insurmountable challenge. Their vision is to develop therapies that would make cancer a treatable disease. Cancer is not going to go away anytime soon, but with companies like Eigen Therapeutics, we can have hope that someday, it will become a treatable disease.

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Eigen Therapeutics’ dedication to the development of combination therapeutics for cancer is truly remarkable. The high-throughput discovery platform, leveraging proprietary machine learning algorithms, represents a significant breakthrough. The rapid discovery of new associations, novel drug classes, and potential new therapies brings Eigen Therapeutics one step closer to their goal of making cancer a treatable disease that we can all beat.




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