Startup Showcase: VicTree Industries – An Analytics Platform for Web3 Gamers

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain gaming, understanding the value of your in-game assets is crucial. That’s where VicTree comes in – providing an analytics platform for web3 gamers to make informed decisions with their portfolio. No more lost time and money, just confident gameplay. Let’s take a closer look at what makes VicTree unique.

Building a Solution for Web3 Gamers

VicTree started as a group of web3 gamers who recognized the need for a centralized platform to manage their in-game assets. As blockchain-based games became more popular, the need for a tool to analyze and comprehend a gamer’s portfolio became significant. That’s why VicTree was born – to fill this gap and provide a thoughtful solution tailored specifically for web3 gamers.

A Comprehensive View of Your Digital Assets

One of the key features of VicTree is its portfolio management view with accurate pricing. Using proprietary pricing algorithms, VicTree ensures that the values of assets are always up-to-date. The platform also sends customized alerts and signals in real-time so that gamers know when to take action. This way, users can confidently make informed decisions and drive their web3 gaming journey forward.

Access to Exclusive Content and Discovery

In addition to portfolio analysis, VicTree provides users with access to game economy KPIs and metrics, exclusive content, news, and discovery. All of this comes in an approachable and digestible format so that users can better contextualize their assets and understand their value. This helps gamers stay ahead of the competition and gain an edge over their peers.

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The Ultimate Companion for Blockchain Gamers

VicTree is the ultimate companion for blockchain gamers. With its tailored user interface and experience, gamers can focus on what is most important – gaming. VicTree provides a platform for analytical insights that help gamers optimize their portfolio, make informed decisions, and drive their gaming journey forward.


VicTree is a valuable tool for web3 gamers who want to better understand the value of their in-game assets. It provides a centralized platform to analyze and comprehend a user’s portfolio with accurate pricing, real-time updates, and customized alerts. In addition, VicTree provides access to exclusive content, news, and discovery to help users continually improve their gameplay. VicTree is the ultimate companion for blockchain gamers, ensuring that they can confidently focus on gaming. Want to learn more? Check out their website and socials for more information.


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