Startup Showcase: EKOS.AI – The All-in-One Engagement Platform for Hybrid Communities

Innovation at its Finest: EKOS.AI, The All-in-One Engagement Platform

If you’re searching for an all-in-one engagement platform that can help you build, grow, and manage ALL of your professional engagements, look no further than EKOS.AI. Founded in Boston, Massachusetts, this start-up is leveraging the power of AI to transform the networking experience for individuals and organizations alike. With EKOS, you get access to an intuitive platform that enables you to connect with like-minded people, host and manage events, and track your community’s engagement – all in one place!

Revolutionizing Community Building with Seamless Networking

EKOS is a platform that is built for hybrid communities, providing a seamless networking experience in all touchpoints. From helping you find the right people to interact with, to facilitating meetups that are both virtual and in-person, EKOS transforms the way you build and maintain your community. By asking users questions about their background, professional goals, and interests, EKOS’s AI algorithms match them with other individuals who share their values and passions. This helps you make meaningful connections right from the start.

Create Public or Invite-Only Spaces to Connect with One Another

One of the most impressive features of EKOS is its ability to create public or invite-only spaces for individuals and organizations. This ensures that you only interact with those who share your professional goals or values. Once you join a space, you can begin networking and building relationships through your Lounge immediately. This includes sending meet requests, messaging, organizing meetings, and joining sub-community groups.

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Join the EKOS Community and Gain Access to Endless Networking Opportunities

EKOS provides organizations with a never-ending event and networking experience. With EKOS, you can host and manage all your events in one place and track your community’s engagement. You can also connect with non-members and gain external exposure by sharing public events via social media links. EKOS is currently available on the App Store and as a web app.

Take Your Networking Game to the Next Level with EKOS.AI

If you’re ready to take your networking game to the next level, sign up with EKOS today! With its powerful AI algorithms, intuitive interface, and endless networking opportunities, EKOS is the all-in-one engagement platform you need to connect with like-minded individuals and grow your professional network.





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