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Empowering students to fund their education and achieve their dreams is one of the rapidly growing consumer-focused education and personal finance website based in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Since its launch in April 2015, the company has been helping people make informed financial decisions with their free scholarship search tool, resource guides, and news on higher education.

Scholarship Search Engine: Finding Scholarships Made Easier

One of the primary services the company offers is a free scholarship search tool that helps students find relevant scholarships based on requirements like major, gender, ethnicity, and other criteria. Students can determine how many scholarships they need to apply to based on factors like competitiveness, award amount, and other criteria.

Acquisition of Expanding the Database

In October 2015, GoodCall acquired, an online database of college scholarships. This acquisition helped GoodCall expand and enhance its scholarship search engine by including an extensive database of scholarships.

Resource Guides: Making Smart Financial Decisions

GoodCall also offers resource guides to help people make smart financial decisions throughout life, from college and student loans to careers, retirement, and other major financial decisions. These guides provide relevant information on each topic, including expert advice, tips, and tools.

Research Studies: Bringing Light into the Dark

GoodCall promotes open access to information and regularly releases research studies featuring data analysis on topics like Best Places for Female Entrepreneurs, Best Cities for Teachers, and The Best Small Cities for Law School Graduates. These studies provide valuable insights and information for people to make informed decisions.

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Investment and Finances: Making It Work for Everyone

GoodCall, LLC received seed round funding from Red Ventures, a marketing and sales services company based in Fort Mill, South Carolina. The company also received investments from other organizations like CourseHorse, Treehouse, Code2Hire, and the Golden Doors Scholarship program. These investments enable GoodCall to expand its services and reach more people.

With, people no longer need to struggle to find relevant scholarships or make smart financial decisions. The company’s commitment to open access to information and expert advice has made it easier for everyone. Check out their website and social media pages to learn more.


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