Startup Showcase: Finding Engineered Solutions – Revolutionizing the Design Industry with Virtual OEM Experts

As the manufacturing industry continues to grow at an exponential rate, the demand for innovative design solutions has never been higher. However, with the increasing complexity of products, the design process can be lengthy and expensive, leading to missed deadlines and costly delays. This is where Finding Engineered Solutions (FES) comes in. FES is an A.R.R. or SaaS-based company that provides virtual OEM experts and online qualifying tools to help mechanical designers create a more streamlined path towards production goals. Here’s how they’re changing the game:

Virtual OEM Experts

One of the biggest challenges during the design process is the lack of expert knowledge available to mechanical designers. FES solves this problem by providing a virtual OEM expert network, which includes professionals from Tesla, John Deere, and other leading manufacturers. These experts assist in critical design applications and provide guidance throughout the entire design process, leading to significantly decreased production time and saved costs. With FES, designers have access to expert resources at their fingertips, eliminating the need for costly consultations and lengthy research.

Online Qualifying Tools

FES also offers online qualifying tools to help designers make sure their designs meet the necessary requirements for mass production. These tools include modern search tools and modern evaluation methods that assess if a part meets assembly line goals, yielding faster manufacturing, cost savings, and increased revenue to the vendors.

Vendor Upscaling

FES understands that manufacturers work with a variety of vendors during their production process. As such, it offers an option for them to upscale their internal client portal with modern search and testing tools, saving money and time from extensive inspection of incoming parts. This option enables vendors to advertise to the OEM network formed by FES, providing more opportunities to connect with big-league manufacturers and reach wider markets.

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Education Programs

FES is committed to supporting the next generation of mechanical designers by providing education programs to cover knowledge gaps in current curriculum. Its program focuses on fasteners, clips, plastics, torque, and welding solutions, which are responsible for a significant portion of production delays and failures. FES offers internships, classes, and hands-on training opportunities to help graduates expand their skill sets and become more valuable members of the future design team.



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