Startup Showcase: JumpWire – Making Secure Data Practices Easy

JumpWire makes it easy to enforce secure data practices across applications without having to change any code. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll dive into how JumpWire is revolutionizing data security and management for companies worldwide.

Why JumpWire is a Game-Changer

JumpWire is a cloud-native data management system that provides secure data practices across all applications. This startup takes an innovative approach to data security by automatically identifying fields that need special handling and transforming the data in place. It ensures that further processing or storage won’t risk leaking the data in its raw form inadvertently. The startup has recently raised $1.5 million in seed funding from renowned investors such as Y Combinator, Village Global, and Dynamo Ventures.

How JumpWire Resolves Data Management Issues

JumpWire identifies fields that need special treatment by proxying requests to databases and APIs and inspecting their schemas and payloads. By doing so, JumpWire can automatically identify high-risk data, such as personally identifiable information (PII) and confidential company information. Once identified, JumpWire encrypts or obfuscates the data. This procedure ensures that such data is not leaked, protecting both the company and the user.

Typical Use Cases

JumpWire’s technology is meant to prevent data breaches and protect sensitive information, which makes it ideal for companies of any sector. With JumpWire, businesses can enforce data regulation compliance, automate data protection, and maintain data privacy. Companies can use JumpWire to mask crucial user data with ease to maintain transparency while complying with industry regulations.

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Easy to Install and Use

JumpWire installs on-premises, inside a customer’s own cloud, or as a Software as a Service solution. Its simple setup and self-service administration make it one of the simplest and most user-friendly security tools on the market. JumpWire provides an easy-to-use dashboard that enables users to control, monitor, and modify different data management functionalities, providing flexibility and agility to users ranging from developers to C-level executives.


JumpWire is a revolutionary data management startup that makes it easy to enforce secure data practices across applications without changing any code. Its innovative approach to data security seamlessly identifies fields that need special treatment, ensuring high-risk data remains protected from theft, breaches, or unwanted exposure. JumpWire’s versatile, flexible, and easy-to-use design has quickly made it a go-to solution for companies of different sizes looking for reliable data management and secure data practices.


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