Startup Showcase: Ivy Clinicians – Connecting Clinicians with Their Dream Jobs

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect job opportunity that aligns with your priorities and preferences? It’s a common struggle for clinicians who are constantly on the lookout for better job prospects. But what if we told you that there’s an innovative platform that simplifies the job matching process for clinicians?

Introducing Ivy Clinicians – a two-sided marketplace that connects physicians, physician assistants (PAs), and nurse practitioners with in-house recruiters across the US. Ivy Clinicians is revolutionizing the healthcare job market by equipping clinicians with the necessary tools to find their dream jobs.

Mapping the Entire US Emergency Medicine Employer Market

As the only platform to map the entire US emergency medicine employer market, Ivy Clinicians’ filters make the information easily searchable and filterable. The platform enables emergency clinicians to identify the right in-house recruiters that meet their job preferences and priorities. It’s a game-changer for clinicians who can now access vital information on working conditions, employer groups, and the right contact person, all in one place.

Connecting Clinicians with In-House Recruiters

Ivy Clinicians is led by physicians, PAs, and entrepreneurs dedicated to improving the healthcare job market. It’s designed to solve the long-standing problem of connecting clinicians with recruiters without being bombarded with spam messages. Ivy Clinicians offers clinicians a simple, secure way to indicate their interest in potential job matches, and recruiters can communicate with them directly. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

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Cost-Effective and Spam-Free

Ivy Clinicians is free for physicians, PAs, and nurse practitioners. Employers are only charged less than 2% of the first year’s salary when they hire a clinician matched through Ivy. The platform is cost-effective, spam-free, and has no hidden costs, making it the perfect solution for clinicians who are actively job-hunting.


Ivy Clinicians is the ultimate platform for clinicians. It’s a unique healthcare job matching solution, and with a 97% match rate, both sides are satisfied with the results. Clinicians can now focus on their job, knowing they have a dedicated platform that caters to their job preferences, and employers benefit from a cost-effective solution to finding top talent quickly.


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