Startup Showcase: Routetree LLC – Connecting High School Students with College Admission Counselors

Are you a high school student getting ready to apply for college? Do you wish you had a better understanding of the schools you’re interested in before you start the application process? Routetree LLC has got you covered.

Routetree is a social platform that connects high school students with college and university admission counselors. Through this platform, students can begin conversations with counselors regarding the schools they’re interested in, gather information, and develop relationships with higher education institutions before the application process begins.

Making Connections Before the Application Process

Routetree’s unique approach to college admissions takes the guesswork out of applying for college. Students can connect with college admission counselors and meet the accepted criteria at colleges they love. The platform’s database enables counselors to access a nationwide database of students interested in their schools, providing them with a better understanding of the needs and interests of the students they serve.

Through the Routetree app, students and admission counselors can develop important key relationships before the application process. By simply accepting an invite when a match is made on the app, both parties will know they have connected with someone who wants to build a relationship that could lead to the next level: the application process.

Empowering High School Students with Information

Routetree is committed to empowering high school students with the information they need to make informed decisions about their college choices. By connecting students with admission counselors, the platform provides an opportunity for students to ask questions, get a feel for the culture of the schools they’re interested in, and ultimately, make more informed decisions about where to apply.

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In addition to providing a platform for student-counselor connections, Routetree offers resources to help students navigate the college admissions process. From articles on preparing for college interviews to tips on writing the perfect essay, Routetree is a one-stop-shop for all things college admissions.

A Revolutionary Approach to College Admissions

Routetree’s innovative approach to college admissions is changing the way students and admission counselors connect. By taking the guesswork out of applying to college, Routetree is empowering students to make more informed decisions about their college choices, while also providing admission counselors with the tools they need to better serve the students they work with.


If you’re a high school student getting ready to apply to college, don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with admission counselors and get a head start on the application process. Sign up for Routetree today and start building the relationships that could change your future.



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