Startup Showcase: Keyzii – Revolutionizes Real Estate with patented, single-click video chat software

See how Keyzii streamlines traditional real estate practices for professionals in this Startup Showcase.

As real estate professionals, time is of the essence. The traditional ways of doing business, such as commuting to properties, communicating through various channels, and following up with leads, can be time-consuming and inefficient. However, with the advent of Keyzii, things have become easier, faster, and smarter.

Founded in 2021, Keyzii is a Miami, Florida-based company that offers a patented single-click video chat software for real estate professionals. The software is designed to streamline the process of buying and selling real estate by reducing the time, effort, and costs involved.

The Keyzii Difference

Keyzii is a game-changer, giving agents the ability to be everywhere at once. They can show multiple properties in various neighborhoods within a matter of minutes, thanks to the single-click video chat software.

The software helps agents pre-load content, tour properties, collaborate in real-time, sign documents, and secure them on blockchain. Additionally, agents can instantly connect with inbound leads and provide customers with immediate attention and best-in-class service.

The Benefits of Keyzii

Keyzii minimizes the need for commuting, saving agents valuable time and reducing transportation costs. It also provides agents with a tool that simplifies every step of the process, so agents can focus on what matters most: their clients.

Additionally, Keyzii’s blockchain technology ensures that your documents are secure and tamper-proof. Blockchain technology ensures transparency, enabling everyone involved in the real estate transaction to access the same information.

A Word from the Founders

“We founded Keyzii to revolutionize the way real estate professionals do business,” said the founders. “Our patented single-click video chat software eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional real estate practices, giving professionals more time to focus on their clients and closing deals faster. With Keyzii, the future of real estate is here.”

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Keyzii’s patented single-click video chat software is a game-changer for real estate professionals. It streamlines the buying and selling process, saving time, effort, and costs. With Keyzii, agents can focus on providing exceptional service to their clients, while the software takes care of the rest.



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