Startup Showcase: Modern Football Technology – Revolutionizing Football Analytics

For football coaches and teams, staying ahead of the curve in terms of data analytics and performance management is essential. Modern Football Technology (MFT), a California-based startup, is a leader in data management and analytics software for football. MFT’s state-of-the-art software helps coaches manage data and gain valuable insights, saving them time and boosting their teams’ performance.

Revolutionizing Football Analytics – MFT’s Mission

Modern football relies on data to improve player performance, develop winning strategies, and achieve success. Unfortunately, many coaches lack the time and tools to effectively manage the deluge of data at their disposal. Modern Football Technology aims to change that by streamlining the data management process and providing cutting-edge analytics in real-time.

Four Pillars of MFT

MFT’s approach is based on its four pillars: game-day intelligence, speed development and evaluation, data science as a service, and independent knowledge and industry experience. Let’s take a closer look at these four pillars:

  • Real-time football intelligence: MFT provides coaches with live data, including player locations, movements, and performance metrics during games, enabling them to make tactical decisions and call better plays.
  • Speed development and evaluation: MFT uses GPS sensors and velocity-based training software to track player speed, acceleration, and other performance metrics. This information helps coaches design personalized training programs, monitor progress, and evaluate players’ performance.
  • Data science as a service: MFT offers customized solutions and insights on football data management, analytics, and performance tracking. MFT’s team of data specialists offers consultation services designed to optimize data collection, analysis, and interpretation, reducing costs and improving accuracy.
  • Independent knowledge and industry experience: MFT’s team of experts draws on years of experience in football analytics, coaching, and industry trends to provide clients with objective, independent advice on the best software, tools, and technologies to use.
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Benefits of MFT

MFT’s cutting-edge software and four pillars provide several key benefits to football coaches and teams, including:

  • Improved decision-making during games
  • Enhanced player development
  • More efficient data management and analysis
  • Lower investment in data management and analytics
  • A competitive edge over other teams


Modern Football Technology is revolutionizing football analytics, providing coaches and teams with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge. MFT’s four-pillar approach and team of experts are helping clients achieve their goals and improve player performance. For football coaches seeking to streamline data management and gain valuable insights, MFT is a must-have tool.





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