Startup Showcase: neARabl Industries – Enhancing Navigation and Signage with Augmented Reality

Experience indoor navigation and digital signage like never before.

NeARabl Industries is an emerging New York-based startup that uses augmented reality technology to create digital signage and wayfinding tools for emerging infrastructure. With neARabl, you can easily navigate indoor maps, record new points of interest, and ensure that everyone has access to them, all with just one QR code. At the core of neARabl’s mission is empowering individuals with low vision to navigate their surroundings, enabled by augmented reality to both see and hear what’s around them. The company was founded in a research lab in NYC, and the technology they have developed is both easy to use and affordable.

AR Navigation For Emerging Infrastructure

One of the most exciting things about neARabl Industries is their innovative approach to navigation and wayfinding for emerging infrastructure. By leveraging AR technology, neARabl has created a tool that enables anyone to easily navigate complex indoor spaces like airports, public transit stations, and other large buildings. With neARabl, you can save time onboarding new visitors and help people find their way around with ease, thanks to user-friendly wayfinding and visualization tools.

Digital Signage And Customization

Beyond navigation, neARabl Industries also offers a range of digital signage options, with customizable designs and messaging to suit any space. From instructions to directions to other important information, neARabl’s digital signage can help you communicate with your audience more effectively. What’s more, all of this can be accomplished using just one QR code.

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Integration With Bentley Systems iTwin Digital Twin Ecosystem

One of the areas where neARabl Industries really shines is in its integration with Bentley Systems iTwin digital twin ecosystem. Not only does neARabl serve as an application on top of existing digital twins, but it also serves as a channel for infrastructure projects interested in experiencing their own digital twin. With this technology, you can supercharge your artificial intelligence by connecting to live facility events, running simulations, and visualizing your infrastructure over time.

In Conclusion

NeARabl Industries is an exciting new startup with a lot of potential to shake up the navigation and wayfinding space. With their innovative use of AR technology, neARabl has created an affordable, easy-to-use tool that can help everyone navigate complex indoor spaces more effectively. If you’re interested in learning more about neARabl Industries and what they’re working on, be sure to check out their website and social media channels today.


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