Startup Showcase: Other Parents Like Me – Supporting Parents in the Midst of Trauma

Navigating the Complex World of Mental Health with a Community that Understands

As the parent of a child struggling with mental health, it can be a scary and isolating experience. But what if there was a place where parents could connect with others who have gone through similar experiences, access valuable resources and support, and find hope in the midst of their struggles? Other Parents Like Me (OPLM) is an innovative online platform that provides exactly that.

A Personal Connection to the Cause

OPLM’s founders have a deeply personal connection to the mental health space, having experienced the trauma of watching their own children struggle with various mental health concerns. They found that there was a gap in the market for a digital space that provides comprehensive support for parents going through similar challenges. This is what led them to launch OPLM and create a safe and supportive environment for parents in need.

Live Support Groups and Expert Speakers

One of the key features of OPLM is the daily live support groups that are run by peer parents. These virtual sessions are a chance for parents to come together, share their stories, and receive valuable support and advice from others who understand what they are going through. OPLM also features expert speakers and panels, who provide knowledge and insights on various mental health topics, as well as a wide range of valuable resources in its resource hub.

Membership Benefits

OPLM offers a range of benefits for its members, including two unique profiles per account, access to multiple daily live support groups, insightful blog posts, a wide range of resources including podcasts, articles, glossaries, apps, books, videos, and organizations, and a support directory featuring professionals and organizations in the recovery/wellness space. Members also have access to expert panels and webinars that provide unparalleled support and advice.

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Other Parents Like Me is a valuable resource for parents who are looking for support and guidance while navigating the complex world of mental health. With its robust online platform and virtual community, OPLM provides a safe space and valuable resources that can help parents move from crisis to healing.


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