Startup Showcase: Refr Sports – Revolutionizing the Sports Referee Industry

Sports are an integral part of American culture and society. From professional to amateur, sports events take place throughout the country, bringing together players, coaches, and referees. However, the referee industry has been struggling with inefficiencies and shortages, leading to a decrease in the supply of referees. Refr Sports, a Minneapolis-based startup, aims to solve this problem by creating a gig economy marketplace for the sports referee industry.

Introducing Refr Sports

Refr Sports is a platform solution that addresses the outdated technologies and employment methods currently in use in the sports referee industry. The company’s app connects sports organizations with qualified referees, allowing them to post their game schedules, officiating needs, and compensation offered for each game. Referees can then see these job postings, accept them, and get paid immediately after the game. Refr Sports makes money by taking a small service and processing fee on the payments facilitated through the app.

Revolutionizing the Referee Industry

The referee industry has long relied on antiquated third-party referee schedulers to provide referees for games. These schedulers often use phone calls and paper schedules, leading to inefficiencies and delays. Refr Sports aims to modernize this system by creating a user-friendly mobile application that simplifies the entire process. With Refr Sports, sports organizations can post their schedules and officiating needs, and referees can claim these opportunities, resulting in a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Moreover, the Refr Sports platform makes it easier for referees to find work and get paid for their services. Referees can accept the job postings that fit their schedule and preferences, eliminating the need for them to constantly search for work. The platform also streamlines the payment process, ensuring that referees are paid promptly for their services.

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The Team Behind Refr Sports

Refr Sports is led by a team of experienced professionals with backgrounds in business, technology, and sports. The team is committed to creating a platform that will turn the referee industry into a gig economy marketplace, making it easy for sports organizations to post opportunities, referees to claim them, and everyone to get paid.

Final Thoughts

Refr Sports is a startup that is poised to revolutionize the sports referee industry in the United States. With its user-friendly mobile application, Refr Sports provides an efficient and effective tool for referees and sports coordinators to complete their duties. By creating a gig economy marketplace, Refr Sports is helping to solve the inefficiencies and shortages in the referee industry, ensuring that sports events can continue to take place smoothly and seamlessly.



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