Startup Showcase: SubPop Health – Empowering Employers to Control Healthcare Costs

SubPop Health is a groundbreaking startup that enables employers to control the $1.2 trillion they spend annually on healthcare benefits. As the first group purchasing organization for employers for healthcare services, SubPop leverages market-level purchasing power to give employers agency, improve their ability to purchase high-value healthcare benefits at reasonable prices, and increase transparency in the healthcare industry.

The Need for High-Value Healthcare Benefits

Employer-sponsored healthcare accounts for half of US healthcare costs, and rising costs have prompted employers to restructure their benefits with higher employee premiums and larger deductibles. Employer-sponsored coverage costs 224% more than Medicare for the same services from the same providers. This dynamic is the result of various intermediaries who stand between the employer and their employees on one hand and high-value care providers on the other. Employers have reached a tipping point, and they need new organizations built to take risks by delivering high-value care.

The Solution: Group Purchasing Organization for Employers

SubPop Health is the first group purchasing organization for employers for healthcare services. Employers can use SubPop’s tools to identify opportunities in their claims history and then find and evaluate high-value providers. SubPop aggregates purchasing power to get the best contracts, and measures provider performance against contractual obligations to improve provider selection.

Partnership with the Purchaser Business Group on Health

SubPop has a partnership with the Purchaser Business Group on Health (PBGH), a purchasing collaborative representing nearly 40 private employers and public entities that spend $350 billion annually on healthcare for over 21 million Americans. This partnership provides SubPop with access to a large network of purchasers and enables the company to expand its reach and impact.

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Complete Aggregation and Specification Solution for Employers

SubPop is the only complete aggregation and specification solution for employers. By providing direct access to high-value care providers, SubPop eliminates intermediaries and helps employers save money on healthcare benefits. The company’s focus on transparency and performance measurement enables employers to make informed decisions and select the best providers for their employees.

Experienced Leadership Team

Chris Gormley, the CEO and co-founder of SubPop, has successfully built and led healthcare technology platforms and purchasing organizations. He has previously worked at FreeMarkets (acquired by Ariba), GE Healthcare, Medpricer (acquired by Premier), and Premier. With a highly experienced leadership team and a commitment to delivering high-value healthcare benefits to employers, SubPop is poised for success in the healthcare industry.


SubPop Health is a game-changing startup that empowers employers to control their healthcare costs and provide high-value healthcare benefits to their employees. With its focus on transparency, performance measurement, and direct access to high-value care providers, SubPop is revolutionizing the way employers purchase healthcare benefits. With an experienced leadership team and a strong partnership with the Purchaser Business Group on Health, SubPop is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the healthcare industry.



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