Startup Showcase: TitanHouse – The Ultimate Career Platform for Tech Sales & Support

TitanHouse is an AI-powered platform that streamlines the recruiting process for tech sales and support professionals and provides employers with the best-suited candidates for their open positions

Introducing TitanHouse – the ultimate career platform for tech sales and support! This unique startup based in Bethesda, Maryland is revolutionizing the recruiting process through in-depth intel and proprietary technology. With transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness as their core values, TitanHouse is transforming the way job seekers and employers connect. In this Startup Showcase, we take a closer look at their platform and how they are making waves in the tech sales industry.

Matchmaking Made Easy: The Power of In-Depth Intel

TitanHouse is on a mission to match the right employer with the right candidate. They do this through a sophisticated system that uses sales-specific data and proprietary technology to provide detailed insights into both candidates and companies. With this information at hand, matching the best person for the job becomes an effortless process. Employers can access a wealth of information on potential candidates, including sales metrics, employer reviews, and more. Job seekers can gain intelligence on the company they are applying to, including culture, leadership, and growth opportunities. TitanHouse provides a comprehensive experience that caters to the needs of both parties, making matchmaking easy.

For Job Seekers: An All-Inclusive Tech Sales Career Hub

TitanHouse is a one-stop-shop for job seekers looking for tech sales career opportunities. The platform is 100% free for job seekers, making it accessible to everyone, whether they are currently employed or actively looking. The system is easy to use, and job seekers can upload their resume or LinkedIn profile to start applying to hundreds of remote and onsite tech sales jobs. The platform provides transparency and in-depth intelligence specific to each position, helping job seekers determine fit quickly. Plus, they can join TitanHouse’s Slack group for free to see new tech sales openings as they become available and access great career-centric content!

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For Employers: Smart Hiring Decisions Made Easy

For employers, TitanHouse provides rich, sales-centric details on candidates that cannot be found anywhere else. This intelligence allows hiring managers to make informed and smart decisions when it comes to candidate selection. Employers can promote their company and open positions to the best reps through the platform. TitanHouse is not a recruiter, which means no commissions or success fees. Instead, employers can gain access to a wealth of information on potential candidates, including sales metrics, employer reviews, and more. Finding the right candidate can be time-consuming, but TitanHouse makes it easy.

Join the Titans of Tech Sales!

TitanHouse is more than just a recruiting platform; they are building a community of tech sales professionals. Follow them on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with the latest sales opportunities and join the Titans of Tech Sales Slack group for free. Plus, check out their Sales Blog for tons of great articles that will guide you on your sales journey.


TitanHouse is poised to disrupt the recruiting industry by offering a unique platform that provides in-depth intel and proprietary technology for both job seekers and employers. With transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness as their core values, they are making it easy to match the right candidate with the right job, making hiring smarter and less time-consuming. With a growing community of Titans of Tech Sales, free Slack group membership, and access to great career-centric content, job seekers and employers alike are set to benefit from TitanHouse’s innovative platform.




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