Startup Showcase: xTiles – The Visual Note-Taking App for Creative Minds

xTiles is a visual note-taking app designed for creative people. Located in Wilmington, Delaware, xTiles combines the best features of text editors and whiteboards to create an innovative way to think, write, and organize your thoughts based on cards and tabs. With a focus on simplicity, visualization, and consensus, xTiles is changing the way people work and collaborate.

A Neatly Organized Collection of Inter-Related Ideas

xTiles is built around the concept of cards that resemble sticky notes. These cards serve as units of thought, with clear borders displayed on a squeaky-clean white canvas. By creating an infinite canvas, xTiles allows users to structure and enrich their ideas in one place. This eliminates the need for scattered notes and makes it easy to see the big picture.

Well-Organized, Easy-to-Navigate Space

As the number of cards in a document increases, it can become messy and difficult to navigate. xTiles solves this problem by offering clear-cut and intuitive functions like drag-and-drop, deep dive, tabs within a document, embedded pictures, videos, and links, and sub-pages. This makes it easy to keep the document well-organized and easy to navigate, no matter how many cards are added.

Collaborate in Real-Time

xTiles offers a collaborative space for teams to work together in real-time. By sharing cards and elaborating on ideas, teams can come to a consensus quickly and efficiently. With a focus on simplicity and visualization, xTiles makes it easy for teams to communicate and collaborate effectively.


xTiles is a startup that is changing the way people think, write, and organize their thoughts. With a focus on simplicity, visualization, and consensus, xTiles offers a new way to structure and enrich ideas in one place. With well-organized and easy-to-navigate space and the ability to collaborate in real-time, xTiles is a valuable tool for creative minds.

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