Unveiling Seattle’s Art-Tech Startups at the Intersection of Creativity and Technology


Welcome to the vibrant startup landscape of Seattle, Washington, where art and technology converge to foster groundbreaking innovation. In this article, we showcase 15 remarkable startups that are redefining the boundaries of art, AI, and technology. From contract management systems and intelligence platforms to AI-driven security and conversational AI, Seattle’s art-tech ecosystem is a hub of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Lexion – Streamlining Contract Management with Ease

Lexion offers an incredibly easy-to-use contract management system, simplifying the process of managing contracts for organizations. With their innovative software, businesses can streamline contract workflows, improve compliance, and enhance operational efficiency. Lexion empowers companies to take control of their contracts and drive productivity.

Falkon AI – Empowering Marketing and Sales Teams with Intelligence

Falkon AI provides an intelligence platform for marketing, sales, and account management teams. Their innovative solution leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver insights that optimize marketing and sales strategies. Falkon AI empowers teams to make data-driven decisions, drive customer engagement, and fuel revenue growth.

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ActZero.ai – Building AI-Driven Security Platforms

ActZero.ai is a software development company focused on building AI-driven security platforms. Their innovative solutions harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and mitigate cybersecurity threats. ActZero.ai helps organizations stay one step ahead of evolving security risks and protect their valuable digital assets.

WhyLabs – Enabling AI Observability and Monitoring

WhyLabs specializes in AI observability and monitoring, providing businesses with the tools to track and analyze the performance of their AI models. Their platform helps organizations gain insights into AI behavior, detect anomalies, and ensure model reliability. WhyLabs empowers companies to optimize their AI deployments and achieve better outcomes.

Phaidra – Accelerating Performance with AI and ML Solutions

Phaidra delivers AI and ML solutions that accelerate performance in large-scale industries. Their innovative technologies optimize processes, enhance automation, and drive operational efficiency. Phaidra empowers industries to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning for transformative results.

Knackit.co – Showcasing Products, Services, and Talents

Knackit.co is an art-focused e-commerce marketplace that allows individuals to showcase and sell their products, services, and talents. Their platform provides a space for artists and creators to connect with a global audience, fostering collaboration and expanding their reach.

Cura AI – Revolutionizing Chest X-ray Analysis

Cura AI develops computer vision software that analyzes chest x-rays to identify the presence of pneumonia with 98% accuracy. Their innovative solution leverages artificial intelligence to aid healthcare professionals in diagnosing and treating patients. Cura AI enables faster and more accurate detection of pneumonia, improving patient outcomes.

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DemandHelm – Maximizing Sales through E-commerce Platforms

DemandHelm is a technology company that helps businesses maximize sales through e-commerce platforms. Their analytics-driven approach leverages artificial intelligence and intelligent systems to optimize marketing strategies and drive customer engagement. DemandHelm empowers organizations to harness the power of data and achieve e-commerce success.

Bond Intelligence Inc. – AI for Fixed Income Traders & Investors

Bond Intelligence Inc. provides AI-driven solutions for fixed income traders and investors. Their Trade Optimization System leverages artificial intelligence to analyze market data and optimize trading strategies. Bond Intelligence Inc. empowers traders and investors with valuable insights and tools for better decision-making in the fixed income market.

Inferati – Enhancing Data Privacy and Security with AI

Inferati offers an AI platform for data privacy and security, helping businesses protect sensitive information. Their innovative software leverages artificial intelligence to identify vulnerabilities, detect threats, and ensure data privacy compliance. Inferati enables organizations to fortify their data security and safeguard critical assets.

Predion.ai – Empowering Companies with AI-Driven Decision-Making

Predion.ai helps companies make more informed decisions about labor, inventory, and production through state-of-the-art AI solutions. Their consulting services and software leverage advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to optimize business operations. Predion.ai enables companies to maximize efficiency and drive profitability.

Retrocausal – Streamlining Manufacturing with No-Code AI

Retrocausal provides a no-code AI platform that helps manufacturers minimize rework and scrap costs while maximizing worker productivity. By leveraging artificial intelligence and augmented reality, Retrocausal enables manufacturers to optimize their production processes and improve overall efficiency.

OctoML – Deploying Machine Learning Models on Any Hardware

OctoML offers an acceleration platform that helps engineering teams deploy machine learning models on any hardware. Their innovative solution streamlines the optimization and deployment process, making it easier to scale AI applications. OctoML empowers companies to leverage the full potential of their machine learning models across various devices and platforms.

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YData – Accelerating AI Development with Improved Datasets

YData accelerates AI development by providing improved datasets for training and testing models. Their platform offers curated and annotated datasets, enabling data scientists to build more accurate and robust AI solutions. YData empowers organizations to enhance the quality and reliability of their AI applications.

Humanly.io – Engaging Conversational AI for Recruitment

Humanly.io offers conversational AI that engages with every single candidate during the recruitment process. Their AI-powered platform assists recruiters in screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and delivering personalized experiences. Humanly.io enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process, saving time and resources.


Seattle’s art-tech startups are revolutionizing industries by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and innovative technologies. From contract management systems and AI-driven security platforms to e-commerce marketplaces and conversational AI for recruitment, these startups showcase the diversity and ingenuity of Seattle’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. With their cutting-edge solutions, these startups are propelling the art and technology landscape forward, paving the way for a more connected, intelligent, and innovative future.

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