Unveiling Seattle’s Trailblazing Information Services Startups – Transforming the Landscape


Seattle, the hub of innovation in the United States, is home to a thriving Information Services industry. In this article, we shine a spotlight on 15 remarkable startups that are reshaping the landscape of information and knowledge. From platforms revolutionizing note-taking to companies empowering hourly workers, these startups are driving change and making a significant impact. Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of Information Services startups in Seattle.

Lockstep – Streamlining Accounting Collaboration

Lockstep is an ingenious platform that connects accounting teams, enabling seamless collaboration and improved efficiency. By streamlining financial processes and facilitating real-time communication, Lockstep empowers accounting professionals to work together more effectively, ultimately revolutionizing how financial data is managed.

Make Truth Matter Again – Promoting Honesty and Education

Make Truth Matter Again is a startup committed to promoting honesty and combating disinformation. Through educational initiatives and awareness campaigns, the company aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions based on truth, fostering a more informed and responsible society.

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Aloft Appraisal – Transforming Real Estate Valuation

Aloft Appraisal is a leading real estate valuation company in Seattle. With its expertise in property valuation, Aloft Appraisal provides accurate and reliable assessments, supporting individuals and organizations in making informed decisions in the real estate market.

Dendron – Enhancing Note-Taking and Organization

Dendron is a cutting-edge platform that helps users find relationships between their notes and provides structure to their information. By leveraging advanced algorithms and intuitive features, Dendron enhances productivity and knowledge management, revolutionizing the way people organize and access their notes.

TeamSense – Empowering Hourly Workers

TeamSense is an innovative startup empowering organizations to better engage and enable their hourly workers. Through its software platform, TeamSense facilitates effective communication, training, and management of hourly employees, ultimately enhancing their experience and productivity.

Caravel Labs – Driving Sustainable Positive Impact

Caravel Labs is a low-cost technology consulting company dedicated to helping innovators create sustainable positive impact at scale. By offering expertise in technology implementation and strategy, Caravel Labs supports businesses and organizations in driving meaningful change through technological solutions.

Reclaim Eritrea – Amplifying Civic and Regional Issues

Reclaim Eritrea is a non-profit online news platform that focuses on publishing articles about civic and regional issues. With a commitment to promoting informed discussions and raising awareness, Reclaim Eritrea serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking reliable and independent news.

Delloop – Enhancing Retailer-Customer Engagement

Delloop is a pioneering retailer-customer engagement platform that incentivizes and rewards both parties for staying connected after the sale. By fostering ongoing engagement and loyalty, Delloop transforms the customer experience, driving customer satisfaction and repeat business.

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Guidelyte – Community-Driven Professional Networking

Guidelyte is a community-driven platform that serves as a single source of truth for professionals to search, track, and connect with people and opportunities. By leveraging the power of community, Guidelyte facilitates meaningful professional connections and fosters collaboration.

Tangibly – Safeguarding Intellectual Property

Tangibly is a platform that enables businesses to manage their intellectual property by securing their trade secrets in legally enforceable form. By providing robust intellectual property protection solutions, Tangibly helps companies safeguard their valuable assets and maintain a competitive edge.

Trine Tech – Empowering Businesses through IT Solutions

Trine Tech provides IT consulting and solutions for the retail, finance, and healthcare sectors. With their expertise in information technology, Trine Tech helps businesses leverage technology to enhance their operations, improve efficiency , and drive growth.

Candleverse – Revolutionary Trading Data App

Candleverse is an app that provides backtested trading data, offering valuable insights for traders. By leveraging historical data and advanced algorithms, Candleverse helps traders make informed decisions and optimize their trading strategies.

Alongside – Enhancing E-Learning through Personalized Support

Alongside is a startup developing an app that communicates with students via a chatbot and directs them to relevant resources like educational videos. By providing personalized support and guidance, Alongside enhances the e-learning experience and promotes student success.

Far Homes – Simplifying International Home-Buying

Far Homes is a platform that simplifies the international home-buying experience. With their user-friendly interface and comprehensive resources, Far Homes empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of international real estate transactions with ease.

Roots – Building and Protecting Legacies

Roots is a technology company that enables users to build and protect their legacy. By leveraging information services and technology, Roots helps individuals preserve their digital presence and leave a lasting impact for future generations.

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Seattle’s Information Services startup ecosystem is a hotbed of innovation and creativity. These 15 startups represent the vanguard of transformation, revolutionizing industries and enhancing the way we access and utilize information. From streamlining accounting processes to combating disinformation and empowering hourly workers, these startups are shaping the future of information services. Keep an eye on these trailblazers as they continue to make waves and propel Seattle’s startup scene to new heights.

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