Brooklyn’s Social Innovators – Transforming Connections, Empowering Communities


Brooklyn, New York, is renowned for its vibrant startup ecosystem and innovative spirit. Within this bustling hub, a diverse array of social startups is emerging, revolutionizing the way we connect, mentor, and support one another. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Brooklyn’s social startups, highlighting 15 inspiring ventures that are driving positive change in education, cannabis empowerment, creative agencies, farewell planning, and more. Join us as we explore the dynamic stories behind these remarkable startups and discover the visionary founders shaping Brooklyn’s social landscape.

Breakthru – Connecting Companies and Youth for a Learn-2-Earn Future

Breakthru is a startup dedicated to connecting companies with young individuals through their Learn-2-Earn platform. By bridging the gap between businesses and aspiring talents, Breakthru provides valuable educational and recruiting opportunities. Their innovative approach empowers youth and enables them to gain practical skills while offering companies a chance to tap into a talented and diverse pool of individuals.

Interlace – Redefining Online Connections with the Power of Meeting Virtually

Interlace has developed a platform that allows users to meet and connect with one another in a virtual environment. By leveraging technology, Interlace redefines online interactions, making them more immersive and engaging. Whether for professional networking, socializing, or sharing common interests, Interlace provides a unique experience that brings people closer together, regardless of their physical locations.

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Community Growth Partners – Empowering Communities Impacted by Cannabis Criminalization

Community Growth Partners is a Brooklyn-based cannabis company with a mission to empower communities disproportionately affected by cannabis criminalization. Through their initiatives and programs, they seek to create opportunities, promote social equity, and foster positive change within the cannabis industry. By focusing on inclusivity and community engagement, Community Growth Partners aims to reshape the narrative surrounding cannabis and its impact on society.

Ink, Inc. Creative Group – Where Creativity Meets Strategy in Brooklyn

Ink, Inc. Creative Group is a full-service agency based in Brooklyn that specializes in advertising, brand marketing, consulting, and digital marketing. Their team of creative professionals combines strategy and innovation to help businesses create compelling brand experiences. By understanding the power of storytelling, Ink, Inc. Creative Group helps companies establish their unique voice and connect with their target audience effectively.

Farewelling – Transforming Funeral Planning into a Compassionate Experience

Farewelling is a Brooklyn-based startup that aims to transform the process of funeral planning and end-of-life arrangements into a more compassionate and meaningful experience. Through their platform, they provide individuals and families with the tools and resources to plan and personalize their farewells. Farewelling acknowledges the importance of honoring and celebrating life, helping individuals navigate this sensitive journey with care and support.

TIGER DRIVER – Unleashing the Thrill of Sports Entertainment and Wrestling Promotion

TIGER DRIVER is a Brooklyn-based sports entertainment platform that specializes in promoting wrestlers and marketing services. They offer a unique experience for wrestling enthusiasts, combining digital media and event promotion to engage fans. TIGER DRIVER’s innovative approach to sports entertainment creates a dynamic and interactive space for wrestling enthusiasts to connect, share their passion, and support their favorite athletes.

KYWRD – Forging Intellectual Connections with a Unique Relationship App

KYWRD is a Brooklyn-based startup that has developed a unique relationship app catering to intellectuals. This app provides a platform for individuals with shared intellectual interests to connect, engage in meaningful conversations, and build connections based on their intellectual compatibility. KYWRD fosters a community of like-minded individuals seeking intellectual stimulation and meaningful connections in a digital world.

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Ethel’s Club – An Immersive Wellness Platform Centering People of Color

Ethel’s Club is an immersive wellness platform centered around providing support, resources, and community for people of color. With a focus on holistic well-being, Ethel’s Club offers a range of programming, including wellness events, workshops, and networking opportunities. By creating a safe and inclusive space, Ethel’s Club aims to address the unique challenges faced by people of color and foster a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Journey – Building a Social Network for Good, Driven by Community and Creators

Journey is a social network that empowers individuals to make a positive impact in their communities. Through their platform, users can connect with like-minded individuals, share their stories, and collaborate on projects that drive social change. Journey provides a space for community-driven initiatives, personal development, and sharing resources to create a better world collectively.

Hubbster – Facilitating Easy Access to Outdoor Games and Exercise Gear

Hubbster is a Brooklyn-based startup that provides easy access to outdoor games and exercise gear in shared spaces, whether public or private. By utilizing a sharing economy model, Hubbster enables individuals and communities to enjoy various recreational activities without the hassle of owning equipment. Their platform promotes physical well-being, social connections, and community engagement through accessible and shared resources.

Queue.NYC – An Incubator-Style Media Company Fueling Content Creators’ Success

Queue.NYC is a media company in Brooklyn structured like an incubator, aimed at helping content creators become microenterprises and grow their businesses. Through their expertise and support, Queue.NYC assists content creators in various fields, such as social media marketing and content production. By offering resources, mentorship, and a collaborative environment, Queue.NYC helps talented individuals thrive in the competitive media landscape.

Parats – Enhancing Communication with Smango, a Revolutionary Messaging App

Parats has developed a messaging app called Smango, designed to enhance communication and connection. With its innovative features, Smango provides a unique and immersive messaging experience, enabling users to express themselves more creatively. Parats aims to revolutionize how people communicate and connect, bringing a fresh perspective to the world of messaging apps.

Journify – The Audio Journaling App – A Captivating Audio Timeline of Life’s Journey

Journify offers an audio journaling app that allows users to create an audio timeline of their life’s journey. With encrypted and easy-to-share voice notes, Journify provides a unique way to capture and reflect on personal experiences. The app also includes a burnout tracking feature to support users’ mental and emotional well-being. Journify offers a private and personal space for self-expression and personal growth.

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NAL Media – Brij – Democratizing Access to Mentorship in the Media Industry

NAL Media – Brij is a mentorship matching platform focused on democratizing access to mentorship in the media industry. By connecting aspiring professionals with experienced mentors, NAL Media – Brij aims to provide valuable guidance and support to individuals seeking to build their careers in digital media and entertainment. Through their platform, they foster meaningful connections and empower the next generation of media professionals.

Grey Matter || The Music Community – A Social Music App Revolutionizing Music Discovery

Grey Matter is a social music app that provides expressive ways to share, discover, and support music. Through their platform, users can connect with fellow music enthusiasts, explore new artists and genres, and contribute to the music community. Grey Matter aims to create a dynamic and engaging space for music lovers, fostering connections and promoting emerging artists.


Brooklyn’s social startups are at the forefront of leveraging technology and community to foster meaningful connections, empower marginalized communities, and drive positive change. These 15 inspiring ventures represent the diverse and innovative spirit of Brooklyn’s startup scene, covering education, mentorship, creative agencies, farewell planning, and more. As they continue to disrupt industries and create new possibilities, these social startups are shaping a more connected and inclusive future. Keep an eye on these visionary founders and their transformative ventures as they redefine social interactions in Brooklyn and beyond.

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