Startup Showcase: Retell – Revolutionizing Audio Advertising Through AI

Retell is a Delaware-based startup that aims to build the biggest Audio AD network by converting websites into podcasts narrated by high-quality synthetic voices. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Retell is revolutionizing the world of audio advertising, making it more efficient and cost-effective for businesses.

Efficiency through AI

Retell offers a service for mass voicing of news content and distribution of audio versions on the Internet, along with its subsequent monetization through its own advertising platform. The service is based on artificial intelligence, which makes the process of audio recording and distribution extremely efficient, saving up to 99.87% of the budget. Writing the text takes just a few seconds, and the synthesized voices used by Retell can voice any text content in three dozen major world languages and dialects.

Benefits of Audio Advertising

Retell offers several benefits to websites that use its service. For one, audio articles can reduce the outflow of visitors who do not have the opportunity to read content and increase the average session time. This, in turn, favors behavioral factors and SEO. Moreover, Retell’s audio inserts inform the audience about current offers and promotions, providing a new source of promotion for businesses.

Advertising and Monetization

Retell’s model is based on creating the largest and most unique advertising network of voiced sites. Each audio listening is accompanied by a short advertising message, bringing Retell $7 for every 1000 auditions, with part of the amount going to the site. Sites can also buy a premium tariff to disable advertising. Retell distributes the created audio content in podcast and music streaming platforms to achieve maximum coverage. Moreover, for advertisers, a new source of promotion is launching targeted ad blocks inside audio recordings – similar to YouTube advertising inserts in pre-roll format.

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Future Plans

Retell is committed to expanding its reach and increasing revenue. Currently, the company uses a third-party relay platform to monetize audio traffic. However, after its implementation, advertising will be sold directly to advertisers, which will increase CPM, reduce platform costs, and increase revenue.


In conclusion, Retell is a revolutionary startup that is changing the way businesses approach audio advertising. By using artificial intelligence to make the process of audio recording and distribution more efficient, Retell is creating a unique advertising network that benefits businesses and website owners alike. With its commitment to expanding its reach and increasing revenue, Retell is a startup to watch in the coming years.


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