Startup Showcase: SubPop Health – Enabling Employers to Control Healthcare Spending

SubPop is the First Group Purchasing Organization for Employers for Healthcare Services

SubPop Health is a Nashville-based startup that empowers employers to control the $1.2 trillion they spend annually on healthcare benefits. With employer-sponsored healthcare accounting for 50% of US healthcare costs and being an employer’s biggest expense aside from wages, SubPop Health aims to make healthcare benefits more manageable for employers by providing a transparent and cost-effective solution.

Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

SubPop Health is the first group purchasing organization for employers for healthcare services. The startup aims to create a market-level purchasing power for employers, enabling them to purchase high-value healthcare benefits at reasonable prices. SubPop Health provides providers with direct access to purchasers who traditionally had to wade through expensive and inefficient channels.

Tools for Employers

Employers can use SubPop Health’s tools to identify opportunities in their claims history and then find and evaluate high-value providers. SubPop Health aggregates purchasing power to get the best contracts and measures provider performance against contractual obligations to improve provider selection.

Complete Aggregation and Specification Solution for Employers

SubPop Health is the only complete aggregation and specification solution for employers. The startup has a partnership with the Purchaser Business Group on Health (PBGH), a purchasing collaborative representing nearly 40 private employers and public entities that spend $350 billion annually on healthcare for over 21 million Americans. Chris Gormley, the CEO and co-founder of SubPop Health, has successfully built and led healthcare technology platforms and purchasing organizations, previously working at FreeMarkets (acquired by Ariba), GE Healthcare, Medpricer (acquired by Premier), and Premier.

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Revamping Healthcare Spending

SubPop Health has entered the healthcare industry with the aim of revolutionizing the way employers spend on healthcare. With rising healthcare costs and a limit to the financial responsibility employers can offload to their employees, SubPop Health provides a transparent and efficient solution that empowers employers to control their healthcare spending.



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