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Aidaptive’s Predictive Personalization Powers Brands on Autopilot

Cupertino-based Aidaptive, powered by Jarvis ML, is revolutionizing eCommerce and hospitality with its predictive personalization engines that can drive revenue automatically. With a mission to democratize enterprise-grade machine learning, the company is empowering businesses of all shapes and sizes.

How Aidaptive’s Predictive Personalization Engine Works

Aidaptive’s machine learning algorithms analyze customer data, behavior, and other variables to predict their affinity and intent. The platform then delivers personalized content to customers in real-time, making their shopping experience seamless and efficient. Aidaptive’s personalized recommendations, offers, and promotions increase conversion rates, boost customer loyalty, and drive revenue on autopilot.

Aidaptive’s Impact on eCommerce and Hospitality

The eCommerce and hospitality industries are crowded and competitive, with customers’ expectations evolving rapidly. Brands need to deliver an immersive and personalized experience to attract and retain customers. Aidaptive’s predictive personalization helps eCommerce brands and hospitality establishments stand out by connecting customers with the right products, services, and experiences based on their unique preferences and needs.

Aidaptive’s Founder and Funding

Aidaptive was founded in 2021 by Rakesh Yadav, who led the development of Google Ads and Payments’ Machine Learning Operations platform. Yadav’s expertise in machine learning brought the idea of predictive personalization to life. Aidaptive is funded by top investors, including Dell Technologies Capital and Shakti. The company’s team has over 50 years of combined machine learning experience, making it a leading player in the AI and machine learning domain.


Aidaptive’s predictive personalization engine is transforming the way eCommerce and hospitality brands operate. The platform’s ability to predict affinity, intent, and tailor customer experiences in real-time drives profitability and growth, making it an attractive proposition for businesses of all sizes. The team at Aidaptive, powered by Jarvis ML, is bringing enterprise-grade machine learning to everyone, making it the perfect partner for businesses looking to create powerful and lasting customer connections.

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