Chicago’s Innovative Logistics Startups Reshaping Illinois’ Future in 2023

There is an increasingly vibrant startup scene in Chicago, Illinois, with many early-stage companies choosing the Windy City as their base of operations. Among these startups, an emerging trend can be spotted: tech-powered logistics companies. These ventures leverage cutting-edge technology to solve complex supply chain issues and modernize the logistics industry. This article will introduce you to 15 exciting logistics startups in Chicago, whose innovative solutions are causing waves not only in the region but across the United States.

Apart from being in the heartland of America, Chicago provides an ideal location for logistics startups thanks to its extensive transportation networks that include air, road, rail, and marine pathways. This strategic advantage, combined with an active startup culture and access to investments, has led to a thriving ecosystem of startups aiming to transform the way we think about and handle logistics.

Occupying various niches within the larger logistics industry, these startups are utilizing technology such as cloud computing, SaaS solutions, Artificial Intelligence, and even drones. Here are fifteen startups from Chicago that are making a significant impact on the logistics space and are definitely worth keeping an eye on:

Mastery Logistics Systems

Mastery Logistics Systems is a comprehensive cloud-based SaaS transportation management system. Founded by industry veteran Jeff Silver, Mastery aims to streamline logistics with modern cloud computing solutions.


Transloop is a startup provide logistics, digital freight and supply chain management services for carriers and shippers. Nicholas Reasoner is one of the driving forces behind this progressive venture.

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Recognized as a versatile logistics company, ShipTech covers all facets, moving cargo by ocean, air, road, and by rail.

Deploy Solutions Group

Deploy Solutions Group offers logistics services to carriers and customers, satisfying a variety of shipping and transportation needs.


Offering specialized services, Dispatcher247 provides trucking dispatch services, easing the headache of getting freight from point A to point B.


Telegraph is a SaaS supply chain & logistics technology startup developing a next-generation freight rail operating system. Founders Amaro Luna, Harris Ligon, and Shachar Astor are at the helm of this innovative venture.


Embracing the power of AI, Everest develops logistics solutions using artificial intelligence, propelling the industry into the future.

Marshall Trans

Marshall Trans is a transportation company that provides refrigerated trucking delivery and dry van shipping services.


MVMNT is a freight technology startup that offers a management platform to reduce supply chain disruption. Leading this startup is the innovative founder, Michael Colin.


Tusk offers e-commerce, shipping, and logistics services to provide immediate access to broader coverage.


Utilizing AI technology, BravoTran offers an AI-driven solution to automate data and documents for freight forwarders.

NorthPoint Fresh

NorthPoint Fresh is a temperature-controlled fusion center that provides sorting, repacking, and forward distribution services.


On the cutting edge of drone technology, Vyorius has introduced AI-enabled plug and play hardware agnostic unmanned robotic architecture. Founders Amit Kumar Singh, Nishant Singh Rana, and Pankaj Kumar are spearheading this initiative.


As a Freight Tech Provider, Magnify is serving the logistics industry with advanced software solutions.


Arvist is leveraging AI, Digital Twins, and existing cameras to reduce costs & improve productivity in the supply chain. The startup was co-founded by Aleksandra Duk, Nilay Parikh, and Werner Stapela.

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These startups are just a snapshot of the growing logistics tech landscape in Chicago. They demonstrate the extensive opportunities for innovation in the logistics and supply chain industry; expectations are high for the compelling solutions these startups will continue to bring to the market.

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