Top Chicago Machine Learning Startups Revolutionizing Illinois in 2023 Industry

Chicago, Illinois has emerged as a hotbed of technological innovation, particularly in the realm of Machine Learning (ML). As this field continues to evolve and influence various industries such as finance, healthcare, transport, and more, numerous promising startups are gaining recognition for their groundbreaking work. This article provides a glimpse into some of the most interesting ML startups from Chicago. Whether they provide SaaS, implement natural language processing, offer predictive analytics, or create AI-powered solutions, these businesses are pioneering change in their respective areas.

Located in the heart of the Midwest, these startups are not just transforming the local landscape but carry the potential to revolutionize industries on a global scale. Be it making locomotives drive autonomously, enabling elderly-care through wearables or translating complex data into actionable insights, these organizations are leading the charge in ML-driven innovation. Aspiring entrepreneurs and investors, especially from the tech sector, would do well to keep an eye on these startups.

Here’s a closer look into these emerging players in the Chicago ML startup scene, in no particular order, demonstrating the diverse applications of ML technology. Each of them has its unique approach to leveraging ML for business goals and societal benefits.

Henkaku, LLC

Henkaku, co-founded by Milan McGraw, is a SaaS company operating in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Though information pertaining to its specific offerings is scanty, the firm forms part of Chicago’s rich ecosystem of tech innovation.

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Aboriginal Armadillo

The interestingly-named Aboriginal Armadillo is a startup focusing on Natural Language Generation and Image Processing. Founded by Trevor Grant, the company operates in many sectors, including Internet, Software Engineering and Machine Learning.

DeCypher DataLabs

As the name suggests, DeCypher DataLabs is a scientific research and product development firm that dives deep into the realms of Artificial Intelligence. Founded by Leith Akkawi, the startup uses Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics among other tools for its operations.


Aiolux caters to overwhelmed investors with its AI assistant capable of providing actionable finance insights. Biz Chatterjee founded the company riding on her experience in the Financial Services, FinTech, and Machine Learning sectors.

Tercero Technologies

Tercero Technologies offers advanced Edge Artificial Intelligence, as its tagline states. Carl P. Evans III launched this startup focusing on Autonomous Vehicles, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning among other technologies.


Metopio offers a sophisticated data analytics and visualization platform, founded by Angela Grover, Jonathan Giuffrida, and Will Snyder. Operating in GovTech, Information Technology, and Machine Learning, it provides insightful data solutions.

The Collaboratory

Within the biopharma sector, The Collaboratory builds AI-powered document discovery tools. Led by Nick Lilovich, Rafael Jardim, and Sruti Balakrishnan, it offers a variety of services in the realm of Machine Learning.

Beyond Expression

Beyond Expression fronted by Victoria Litvin, offers smart solutions for communication data extraction and efficiency improvement, utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.


Offering an Intelligent Shipping Analytics Platform, Optistics founded by Brett Fritz and Javier Ultreras, brings a synergy of Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce Platforms, and Machine Learning tech to the freight industry.

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Working with Clinical Data, Clinical Prediction Models, and Predictive Analytics, INTELLIC.AI founded by Michael Haniff, offers SaaS for creating intelligence in clinical practices using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


In the healthtech arena, Cardiosense employs multi-sensor devices and proprietary algorithms for early disease detection. Founders Amit Gupta and Andrew Carek leverage Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics technologies in this endeavor.


Railspire aspires to revolutionize the rail sector with its autonomous locomotive driving technology. Founders Brad Howard and Greg Hrebek harness Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Industrial Automation capacities to create industry-transforming solutions.

Ping Corporation

Ping Corporation brings Machine Learning to Elder Care, with its Mobile App, SaaS, and wearable devices, connecting elderly people with their families.


SAVVI AI, co-founded by Alex Muller and Maya Mikhailov, offers ‘Decisions on a Service’ (DaaS) platform, enhancing business decisioning processes with Machine Learning automation.


Tuzo, established by Satyen V., provides Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning solutions, and data market services, offering a multi-faceted approach to technological problem-solving.

In essence, this burgeoning group of ML startups in Chicago represents a diversity in applications, reflecting the broad possibilities of Machine Learning and its capacity to effect profound change in our society. As they continue to grow and innovate, these startups are certainly ones to watch.

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Read more from US Venture News  Startup Showcase: NOOZ.AI - An AI-driven News Aggregator Empowering Readers to Identify Media Influence
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