Exploring Influential Chicago Information Services Startups Shaping 2023 Innovation

Chicago, Illinois, has consistently been recognized as a large hub for startups, and the industries of fintech, e-commerce, and digital health are booming. Many startups in the Information Services industry are thriving due to the city’s diverse economy, success stories from local investors, and the substantial amounts of venture capital pumped into the region. The following companies are at the forefront of innovation, contributing significantly to the country’s economic growth.

These startups include digital information services like Direct Lending Deals and ForceIQ, travel apps like Out of Office, and tech support platforms like Science On Call. Also included are marketing automation systems like BlueReceipt, life and health science campuses like Fulton Labs, and even companies addressing the fraud and forgery issues in NFTs like SnifflesNFT. Here’s a rundown of some of the most interesting Information Services startups coming out of Chicago.

Each of these startups have demonstrated remarkable innovation in their respective industries, efficiently utilizing technology and data to provide value for their users. Furthermore, they have attracted, and continue to attract significant investment, validating the viability of their business models and indicating their sustainability for the future.

Direct Lending Deals

Direct Lending Deals is a digital information service providing investors and originators with the latest deal data. This startup operates within the Digital Media and Information Services industry.

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ForceIQ is an innovation company specializing in Salesforce and Vlocity, serving brands in the Telecom, Media, and Healthcare industries. Their capabilities span across Health Care, Information Services, Information Technology, Marketing, and Software.

Out Of Office

Out Of Office is an innovative travel app that allows individuals to discover and share travel recommendations and restaurants with friends. The startup operates primarily within the Information Services and Leisure and Travel industries.

Science On Call

Science On Call provides subscription-based tech support to the restaurant industry, assisting with POS, internet, Wi-Fi, online ordering, and more. The company operates within the Information Services, Information Technology, Internet, Point of Sale, Restaurants, and Software industries.


BlueReceipt specializes in developing Shopify plugins that use text marketing to boost revenue. The company operates in the Brand Marketing, Communications Infrastructure, Information Services, Marketing Automation, and Software industries.

Fulton Labs

Fulton Labs is a life and health sciences campus servicing the Biotechnology, Information Services, and Life Science sectors.


Merp is a startup that offers information, transparency, and socially equitable cannabis brands. This startup operates in the Brand Marketing, Cannabis, and Information Services industries.


ShowReel is an innovative application allowing users to create, share, and track video resumes to stand out from other job seekers. The company primarily operates within the Apps and Information Services industries.


Tusk offers eCommerce, shipping, and logistics services to provide immediate access to broader coverage. This startup operates within the E-Commerce, Information Services, and Logistics sectors.


BiopharmIQ offers clinical trial catalyst and pipeline information for public smidcap biopharma companies. This startup operates within the Biopharma, Biotechnology, Clinical Trials, and Information Services sectors.

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SnifflesNFT is a startup that addresses fraud and forgery issues in NFTs. It operates within the Fraud Detection and Information Services sectors.


Omnia is a B2B Community Marketplace that brings together Augmented Reality (AR) Creators and Businesses seamlessly, operating in the Augmented Reality, Information Services, and Software industries.

99 Counties, Inc.

99 Counties supports regenerative farmers and provides consumers with healthier, more nutrient-dense food. This startup operates in the Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Information Services, Internet, and Logistics sectors.


MemQ is a startup developing rare earth-based (Erbium) technology and operating within the Information Services, Quantum Computing, and Semiconductor industries.

Ki Digital Assets LLC

Ki Digital Assets LLC is a blockchain focused platform, with products and investments in Tokenization, Web3.0, and the Metaverse. The startup operates in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, Information Services, Internet, Real Estate, Software, and Venture Capital sectors.

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