BeachEdge – Affordable and Hassle-Free Beach Homes for Modern Professionals


BeachEdge is a ConTech startup that is changing the game in the real estate industry. Founded in San Francisco, California, BeachEdge is revolutionizing the way modern-day professionals can own vacation homes without breaking the bank.

BeachEdge’s unique model allows middle-class professionals to own a second home and generate cash flow without the hassle and expense of traditional real estate ownership. Through seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies and best-in-class expertise, BeachEdge is making beach homes accessible to more people than ever before.

In this Startup Showcase, we’ll explore BeachEdge’s innovative approach to second home-ownership, the technologies that make it possible, and the benefits of investing in a BeachEdge property.

A new way to own a second home

The dream of owning a beach home has long been reserved for the very wealthy. For many, the costs associated with owning a second home go beyond the initial investment, such as ongoing maintenance, property taxes, and natural disasters. BeachEdge is making this dream of owning a second home more accessible to modern-day professionals by taking the hassle out of property ownership.

Thanks to their innovative ConTech business model, BeachEdge helps clients own vacation homes at a fraction of the cost by sharing the ownership of a single property. BeachEdge takes care of all the work and expenses and the owner receives cash flow generated by the property. With BeachEdge, owning a second home is no longer an unattainable dream.

Unique Technology

BeachEdge’s unique business model is backed by cutting-edge technology. Their proprietary AI-driven platform simplifies property management by optimizing maintenance scheduling and providing real-time reporting to owners. With BeachEdge, owners can rest assured that their property is running smoothly, making the most of its earning potential while keeping costs low.

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Benefits of Investing in a BeachEdge Property

Investing in a BeachEdge property has never been more attractive. Not only does BeachEdge take care of all the hassle associated with property ownership, but their properties also offer significantly higher ROIs than traditional real estate. And, because BeachEdge’s model is designed around property sharing, BeachEdge owners can enjoy hassle-free vacations at their beach home while earning cash flow in the process.


BeachEdge’s innovative ConTech business model is changing the way second home-ownership works. With their cutting-edge technology, BeachEdge makes property ownership more accessible to the modern-day professional without the expense and hassle of traditional real estate investing.

Website: https://beachedge.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/beachedgeinc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeachEdgeInc
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/beachedge/

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