Best Game-Changing Health Care Startups Transforming Tampa’s Landscape in 2023

Health startups have been on the rise in the United States, especially in the bustling city of Tampa, Florida. Its vibrant startup ecosystem, coupled with access to superb medical facilities and institutions, make Tampa an attractive base for health care innovators. In this article, we turn the spotlight on the most interesting health care startups in Tampa and find out how they’re making waves in their respective industries.

The diverse range of startups profiled here reflects the dynamism of the Tampa health tech scene. By integrating cutting-edge technology in their operations, these startups are driving the shift towards more efficient, personalized, and user-friendly health care solutions. Focused particularly on fields such as remote care, digital health, biotech, and staffing, these Tampa-based startups are carving out their own niche in the health care sector.

From cloud-based platforms for population and remote care management to boutique CRO providing immuno-oncology solutions, these startups are a testament to the innovation and enterprise that characterizes Florida’s health tech industry. Here, we present to you some of the most interesting Tampa-based Healthcare startups:

Remote Care Partners

Remote Care Partners is a cloud-based platform that offers population and remote care program management. Founded by Gregg Smith, the startup operates in the Cloud Data Services, Health Care, and Software industry.

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AccelEQ increases efficiency and improves patient outcomes through machine learning. The digital health company was founded by Omar Fuentes and is an active player in the Health Care, Machine Learning, and Medical industry.

OncoBay Clinical

OncoBay Clinical is a boutique CRO providing immuno-oncology, cell therapy, and CRO solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. This startup carves out a unique space in the Health Care, Medical Device, and Product Research sectors.

Mirror Biologics

Developing and manufacturing of next-generation immunomodulatory vaccines and treatments for cancer and infectious diseases is the mission of Mirror Biologics. Their innovative work spans the fields of Biotechnology, Health Care, Manufacturing, and Medical.

Constellation4 Health

Founded by Saru Seshadri, Constellation4 Health is a healthcare technology firm improving patient outcomes by redefining payer-provider relationships. It operates within the Computer, Health Care, and Information Technology sectors.

KNR Therapy

KNR Therapy provides individualized treatment to children with developmental disabilities through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Crdentia Healthcare Staffing

Crdentia is a recruitment firm that provides home care, staffing, and employment outsourcing services to healthcare industries.

Business Integrity Services

Founded by Rodolfo Gari, Business Integrity Services is disrupting the healthcare industry by providing an array of efficient and reliable services.


eRemede, developed by Ben Sever, is a health engagement platform that empowers patients throughout their care, from their initial visit to recovery.

weCare Staffing Service

Specializing in healthcare and hospital staffing services, weCare Staffing Services is a stellar staffing and recruitment company.


Launched by Niranjan Ramakrishnan, MyLabConnect is a digital platform connecting dentists and dental labs.

TGH Urgent Care powered by Fast Track

TGH Urgent Care powered by Fast Track is an essential player in the Child Care, Health Care, Hospital, and Outpatient Care sectors.

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Sage Infusion

Sage Infusion is an infusion center catering to patients with autoimmune disorders and chronic infusion needs.

Evolve Resources

Providing recruitment services for the healthcare sector is the mission of Evolve Resources.

Mobile OptiX

Co-founded by Jason A. Brant and Natasha Mirza, Mobile OptiX is a mobile eye clinic that offers at-home eye care services including eyewear, retinal imaging, and examinations.

To conclude, these health care startups from Tampa, Florida, are pushing boundaries, disrupting existing models, and paving the way for future innovation. Tampa continues to foster a conducive environment for such exciting enterprises, and we cannot wait to see where these startups head to next.

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