Brooklyn’s FinTech Frontier – Exploring the Cutting-Edge Startups Revolutionizing Finance


Brooklyn, New York, is rapidly emerging as a hotbed for innovation in the financial technology (FinTech) sector. In this article, we will showcase and delve into 15 intriguing FinTech startups that are reshaping the way we think about banking, lending, investments, and more. From revolutionizing employee ownership to leveraging technology for better financial services, these startups are driving significant change in the financial industry. Join us as we explore the dynamic world of FinTech startups in Brooklyn and discover the stories behind these groundbreaking ventures.


Finaloop offers seamless integration of digital apps to streamline bookkeeping and tax processes for small and medium businesses. With a focus on simplifying accounting tasks, Finaloop helps entrepreneurs stay on top of their finances while saving time and effort.


Teamshares is a FinTech platform that empowers employee ownership. By providing tools and resources, Teamshares enables companies to offer equity participation to their employees, fostering a sense of ownership and aligning interests for long-term success.


finEQUITY is a tech-based nonprofit organization that leverages financial tools and services to promote financial inclusion and empowerment. Through innovative solutions, finEQUITY seeks to bridge the gap and provide access to financial services for underserved communities.


Walnut is a lending platform that focuses on providing financial assistance for healthcare bills with no fees. By offering transparent and affordable healthcare financing options, Walnut aims to alleviate the burden of medical expenses and ensure access to necessary care.

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Haven is a technology and marketplace platform that facilitates homeowner engagement for mortgage servicers. By leveraging technology, Haven enables mortgage servicers to enhance customer experience and streamline processes, leading to greater efficiency in the real estate industry.


Quanta is a B2B FinTech startup that operates as a hedging network. By connecting buyers and sellers of hedging instruments, Quanta simplifies the process of risk management and offers innovative solutions for businesses to mitigate financial risks.

Redbeard Ventures

Redbeard Ventures is an investment firm that specializes in web 3.0 and crypto startups. Through strategic investments and advisory services, Redbeard Ventures supports the growth and development of disruptive technologies in the finance industry.


Chimney is a financial platform that digitally transforms complex financial, credit, and real estate data for homeowners. By providing insights and actionable information, Chimney empowers homeowners to make informed decisions regarding their financial and real estate matters.

Better Financial Corporation

Better Financial Corporation is a family of FinTech brands built on a shared stack. With a focus on innovative financial services, Better Financial Corporation aims to simplify financial processes and provide accessible solutions for individuals and businesses.


APY.Finance is a company specializing in the development of automated investment software. By leveraging advanced algorithms and risk management techniques, APY.Finance offers users the opportunity to optimize their investment strategies and achieve higher returns.

The Daily FinQ

The Daily FinQ is a mobile app that provides engaging quizzes related to money and finance. By combining financial education with gamification, The Daily FinQ aims to enhance financial literacy and promote healthy financial habits among users.

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Arrow Tech

Arrow Tech is a data-driven personal finance application that equips members with tools to make informed financial decisions. By leveraging data analytics and technology, Arrow Tech empowers individuals to take control of their finances and plan for a secure future.

Copper Wire Ventures

Copper Wire Ventures provides early-stage capital for women-led tech companies. By fostering diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, Copper Wire Ventures supports the growth and success of innovative startups while addressing gender disparities in venture capital funding.


Payfully offers a simple and convenient way for real estate professionals to access future commissions. By providing advances on commissions, Payfully helps professionals manage cash flow and seize new opportunities in the competitive real estate market.


Otonomi is a first-to-market parametric cargo insurance platform that leverages blockchain technology. By offering innovative solutions for the transportation and logistics industry, Otonomi simplifies the insurance process and provides protection for cargo owners.


Brooklyn’s FinTech startups are at the forefront of financial innovation, reshaping traditional banking, lending, and investment practices. These 15 startups exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurship and technological advancement, offering unique solutions to address financial challenges. As they continue to disrupt and transform the financial industry, these startups are paving the way for a more inclusive and efficient financial ecosystem. Stay tuned to witness the exciting developments in Brooklyn’s FinTech scene as these startups redefine the future of finance.

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