Can Innovative Software Revolutionize Sustainable Construction in America?

Key Takeaways:

  • Tangible, a San Francisco-based climate technology startup, is striving to revolutionize America’s construction industry.
  • Founded in 2021, Tangible has developed a unified software platform that aids in the adoption of sustainable building materials.
  • Tangible’s unique software could play a significant role in the future of the construction industry.

In this modern era, technology is playing a vital role to bring transformation in many industries. The construction industry is one revamping sector that has seen remarkable changes by leveraging the benefit of technological advancements. Among the flock of innovative startups pioneering change within this industry, the name of a particular San Francisco-based company, Tangible, stands out.

Founded by Nicole Granath and Anneli Tostar in 2021, Tangible is a climate technology startup, primarily focused on developing sustainable materials less harmful to our environment. Their mission hinges on the belief that the adoption of environmentally friendly materials must become the norm within the construction industry, and they’re doing something about it.

To fast track the adoption of green construction procedures, the company presents a unique software platform. This progressive system allows real estate developers, contractors, and architects to swiftly identify and manage materials that align with their environmental and social goals. Beyond this, Tangible’s platform also offers a feature for effectively reporting on these aspects, thus furnishing all the necessary tools required to make a project more sustainable.

Alongside playing a massive role in shaping a more ecologically conscious construction industry, Tangible’s differential also lies in the seamless integration of their platform within existing construction processes. This symbiosis is designed to negate any inconvenience during adoption and is a testament to the company’s commitment towards sustainable practices.

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As we look ahead, Tangible is set to play a significant part in the evolution of sustainable construction. Through their innovative software, they are well on their way to revolutionize the sector, making a significant impact on both the industry and planet. The ripple effect of such a paradigm shift could potentially echo throughout all industries linked to construction, marking a turning point in the global climate change mitigation narrative.

While working towards a more sustainable future for all, Tangible continues to innovate with its unique approach towards simplifying the adoption of green construction practices. In a world steadily moving towards a greater emphasis on sustainability, Tangible is a name worth remembering. Visit them at their Website, or connect on LinkedIn to learn more about their efforts and stay updated.


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