Can LiveStream Commerce Revolutionize E-Commerce and Marketing Analytics Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • San-Francisco-based start-up is revolutionizing the E-Commerce and Marketing Analytics industry with its LiveStream Commerce infrastructure.
  •’s services include powering e-commerce, Martech, OTT, CDN, and payment systems with Shoppable ads and LiveStream Shopping.
  • As a no-code platform, integrates with numerous platforms such as Chatbot, Mobile Wallets, NFTs, and eCommerce platforms via its APIs for real-time engagement and shopping.
  •’s potential implications are far-reaching, with great promise for the future of e-commerce and marketing analytics.

As the world continues to steadily shift towards a digital economy, innovative ideas are continually changing how we interact with markets. Taking center stage is San Francisco-based start-up, a company that is passionately setting trends in the E-Commerce and Marketing Analytics industry. With a unique approach, uses LiveStream Commerce infrastructure to power various sectors including e-commerce, Martech, OTT, CDN, and payment systems. They achieve this by leveraging on the power of LiveStream Shopping, a modern technological marvel.

This revolution in live commerce is a reaction to the outdated traditional models of e-commerce, which have lacked real-time engagement with customers. is paving the way for the use of technology in engaging customers, providing a more immersive and interactive shopping experience. The model also includes ‘Shoppable Ads’, another innovative solution that helps convert viewers into customers efficiently.

Distinguishing from other startups in the field are its approach and the scope of its services. Operating as a no-code platform, is adept at integrating its systems into the Martech fabric and major engagement vendors. It is compatible with CDPs, Analytics, Chatbots, Mobile Wallets, NFTs- to name just a few – providing a seamless, real-time engagement and shopping experience. Furthermore, as a white-label SaaS platform, offers customized solutions to meet individual business needs.

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The startup’s underlying emphasis on integration is a key differential. By offering a comprehensive solution via APIs to integrate with other platforms, is not trying to overlaid existing systems but to work with them, enhancing their output. In essence, is concentrating on becoming an integral part of the retail, sports, professional services, OTT, and food delivery industries, engaging customers like never before.

The potential of extends beyond the immediate innovations it offers. With the rise of LiveStream Commerce, new doors are being opened in the realms of E-commerce and Marketing Analytics. The implications are vast – OTT service providers can use live streaming for revenue generation through e-commerce, similarly, retailers can provide a more personalized shopping experience, thereby achieving higher conversion rates.

The future of is immensely promising and ripe for investment. The company is currently open to raising capital and is interested in discussions with VCs and angels in the space. Interested parties should visit their website here. For more updates, you can follow on their social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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