Can Tertiary Market Multifamily Properties Revolutionize Real Estate Investment Industry?

Key Takeaways:
  • Four Leaf Equity is a startup that acquires and manages multifamily housing buildings in tertiary markets in the US.
  • Founded by veteran real estate investors, the firm aims to leverage the opportunities that have arisen from the covid-19 pandemic.
  • The company adopts a vertically integrated approach in acquiring and managing small to mid-size apartment communities.
  • Four Leaf Equity is based in Denver, Colorado and was founded in 2021.

For decades, property investment has been synonymous with primary or tier one cities. However, Four Leaf Equity, a Denver-based startup, is changing this narrative by focusing on multifamily housing buildings in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado – tertiary markets often overlooked by traditional real estate investors. Launched in 2021, Four Leaf Equity seeks to redefine how real estate investment is done through a strategy that combines deep market insights, innovative practices, and a strong commitment to fostering employee-first locations.

Derek Scruggs, a veteran real estate investor, leads the team at Four Leaf Equity. He identifies the potential of tertiary markets to provide solid returns, despite being significantly less competitive. The company firmly believes the Covid-19 pandemic provides unique megatrends that make these tertiary markets attractive, particularly those focused on multifamily housing communities.

What separates Four Leaf Equity from other real estate investment firms is its unique business model and strategy. Instead of relying on expensive property managers, the company adopts a vertically integrated approach for acquiring and managing apartment communities. By dealing directly with everything from property acquisition to tenant relations, Four Leaf Equity ensures efficient operations, better cost control, and consequently, higher return potentials.

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Additionally, the commitment to cultivating employee-first locations brings a human-centric approach to their business. By creating communities that put the welfare of the employees at the forefront, they also foster stronger tenant relationships, which can lead to higher satisfaction rates, lower turnover, and ultimately, sustainable long-term growth for the investors.

The future looks promising for startups like Four Leaf Equity. As the pandemic continues to change the demographics and dynamics of property markets, investors and businesses are looking for innovative ways to adapt and thrive. With its strategic focus on tertiary markets and unique investment principles, Four Leaf Equity is not only well-positioned to capitalize on these shifts but can also potentially revolutionize the real estate investment industry.

Investors and real estate enthusiasts can stay connected with their activities and gain insights by visiting their website at and follow their LinkedIn page at As the startup continues to make waves in the real estate industry, one thing is for sure – the path to successful real estate investments could begin to veer away from bustling big cities towards these tertiary markets instead.

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