Chicago’s Top Influential Analytics Startups Redefining Data Landscape in 2023

Chicago has become a breeding ground for numerous analytics startups, with companies working on a diverse range of applications – from YouTube analytics to financial data visualization and sports gambling predictive analytics. These startups not just contribute to Chicago’s thriving tech scene but are also setting trends in how businesses use data. Here are some worth noting.

1. Authentic Media Ascension (AMA)

Authentic Media Ascension is doing something interesting in the field of YouTube analytics. The startup focuses on assisting creators in harnessing the power of data to grow their channels. They stay committed to helping creators maintain their authenticity while using data for growth. They are redefining the intersections between analytics, digital entertainment, and media and entertainment.

2. Scalesology

An information technology and services company, Scalesology, is helping companies with their data, analytics, and processes services to foster business development.

3. Lentiq

Working out of the analytics, cloud computing, and information technology sector, Lentiq offers a unique collaborative data lake as a service to its clients.

4. Nexgen Software Solutions

The space of data analytics is vast and Nexgen Software Solutions brings in its consulting expertise into it. They provide data analytics services, in addition to staffing, mobile app development, and UX design services.

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5. DeCypher DataLabs

Focused on the scientific research and product development aspect of artificial intelligence and software, DeCypher DataLabs is making strides in predictive analytics.

6. EquitySet

Financial data often require complex analysis and visualization. EquitySet is a startup that specializes in these areas, making financial data more comprehensible and insightful.

7. Aptive Solutions

Aptive Solutions focuses on offering advisory and implementation services on digital transformation projects, using their expertise in analytics, artificial intelligence, and big data.

8. Advisor Analytics

As the name suggests, Advisor Analytics provides an array of analytics-related services, focusing on investment firm strategic analytics and management consulting.

9. InGame Action

Entering the rapidly growing sports gambling industry, InGame Action is positioned to become one of the initial providers of predictive analytics in the field.

10. Metopio

Based in Chicago, Metopio offers a comprehensive data, analytics, and visualization platform with applications in the sectors of GovTech and Machine Learning.

11. Trajektory

Aiming to provide in-depth data insights and valuation technology, Trajektory has built a proprietary valuation methodology with advanced demographics.

12. Genesis Volatility

Genesis Volatility caters to the cryptocurrency market by providing data analytics for options traders.

13. Metric

Metric leverages data analytics software to measure and manage ESG performance, contributing to the analytics, computer, database, and software industry.

14. Health Blockchain Security Services

Working in the industry of blockchain, cybersecurity, and predictive analytics, Health Blockchain Security Services aims to provide advanced security analytics for all blockchain business sectors.

15. MediaBrain

The last on this list but definitely not the least, MediaBrain brings intelligence to decision-makers. They operate in several sectors including advertising, big data, data visualization, marketing, marketing automation, and more.

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The diversity of these startups reflects the depth and breadth of applications for analytics. As these companies grow and develop, they will undoubtedly set new precedents for how businesses harness data to drive success.

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Read more from US Venture News  Is AI Transforming the Way We Interact with PDF Documents?
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